Cryptography specialist (offline)

Boosty Labs is a world-class fintech and cloud engineering team with 10 years’ background of practice that combines consulting, strategy, design and engineering at scale. We are the largest blockchain development outsourcing company in Europe, serving more than 8 companies listed on CoinMarketCaps’s

Read and understand specific parts of the international standards around digital identity documents (e.g. ICAO 9303).
Understanding the limitations of Zero-Knowledge Proofs, assist in improving designing a verification algorithm for the validity of these identity documents, balancing runtime complexity with ability to support as many documents as possible.

Must have:
Knowledge of the basics of cryptography, including common digest and signature algorithms, sparse merkle trees,
Good understanding of Zero-Knowledge Proofs.
Experience in writing Circuits.
Understanding how the circuit’s code translates to proving time and memory complexity of the output.

Technical skills will be a plus:
Experience in writing ZK circuits on Circom.
Knowledge or experience in implementing Multiparty Computation applications (if you’re good at MPC but not at ZKPs, still reach out to us!)

Team size: 3-5 people.

Technology stack: Cryptography.

What do we offer?
1. A modern office in the city center. But:
2. If you want to work remotely - it will be full remote. Come into the office just for a pizza day or to talk.
3. sick leave and vacation at the expense of the company.
4. Need a day off? Just go for a day off. Want a pay raise? Just say so to the lead. No bureaucracy and micromanagement. No fuss with references and paperwork, all questions are solved with one or two ten-minute phone calls.
5. Flexible working hours.
6. Help with equipment. If something is broken or you have nothing to work with - we have something to send you.
7. English courses with a native speaker at the company's expense.

About Boosty Labs

Boosty Labs is European leading blockchain and fintech engineering & growth consulting firm. We are working with world largest and well-known crypto companies like Storj Labs, NEM, NEAR Protocol, Bloom Protocol, Elixxir etc.

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