Senior Java developer

We are looking for a Senior Java Developer for a US project
Our client is a digital media company headquartered in NYC that’s looking to grow the engineering team supporting our Exchange by adding developers

We have an experienced team that is looking to add developers seeking technical challenge and empowerment to make decisions that really move the business forward.

Some major projects the Exchange team is currently working on: continuing to scale our core exchange platform, honing the intelligence of our optimization, cutting feedback time for business intelligence, and aggressive automation.
Currently, we:
● handles millions of transactions per second, hundreds of billions of times each day
● evaluates, selects, and optimizes ad-serving based on advanced statistics and machine-learning
● returns responses collected from dozens of parties in milliseconds
● constantly evolves to meet market demands that change in days and weeks, not months/years
● factors thousands of data-points in every serving decision

We’re small enough you can own something and have a direct impact, but big enough that you don’t have to do it alone. We care deeply about quality and doing the right thing, but have a strong focus on business value and time to market – and believe that focusing on the first part enables the second. Developers have technical management (who are technical and write code), as well as direct access to business, product, and operations (and they have access to us). Lastly, our Sr. Engineers have lots of empowerment and freedom of action (but we don’t water down our responsibilities or expectations)

Some tools we use:
● GIT, Maven, TeamCity, JIRA, Confluence, Crucible, Intellij, Redis
● Some practices we’ve adopted: TDD/unit-testing, continuous integration, code-reviews, Scrum
● Things we’re working on: cloud-computing, event-driven IO, self-healing systems, analytic databases
● We like open source: Spring, Hadoop, Jetty, Linux, Memcache
● Developers get fast boxes, with multiple monitors, and can choose Windows or Linux
● We keep a library of technical books (several hundred) and haven’t had problems buying additions

What we value as a team:
● Code built for Performance and Scale
● Solid engineering practices (e.g. design patterns, automated testing, fault-tolerant systems, KISS)
● Leveraging Open Source
● Agile development and tight interaction with business/operations
● Automated testing
● Developers who can navigate around a Linux box
● Passion, technical expertise, and personal accomplishment
● Rolling up your sleeves and getting things done

● Independence and strong ownership of business problems and their technical solutions
● Excellent problem solving and critical thinking
● Strong Communication and interpersonal skills
● Mastery of algorithms, data structures and performance
● Experience in performance optimization (CPU, Memory, IO) and high-scale (up to 80K req per second per server)
● Experience with open source projects and tools (e.g. apache projects, maven, Spring, tomcat/glassfish)
● Experience with Agile, tight interaction with business and operations (DevOps)
● Experience with automated testing (TDD, Mocking, Unit/Functional/Integration)
● Expert Knowledge of Internet technologies/and protocols
● Expert knowledge of the Java language, platform, ecosystem and underlying concepts and constructs
● Knowledge of common design patterns (IoC, GoF – not J2EE Pattern Library)
● B.S. in Computer Science, Mathematics, or Engineering (or professional experience)

About Murano Software

Murano About Us
Nearly 20 years ago, Murano Software was founded on the premise of matching world-class software engineers with innovative companies in the United States. Our founders took their software engineering talents and immigrated to the U.S. back when the Internet was first immerging. They quickly recognized that U.S. companies placed a high value on software engineering talent and realized the benefits of matching quality developers with US companies without the need to relocate.

Murano has earned a reputation among the software engineering community as a best-in-class working environment. From the many professional development opportunities (including English language education), our catered sushi lunches, and our famous parties, Murano attracts the brightest and most skilled engineers. In turn, Murano also attracts U.S. companies that recognize the value of Murano’s talent and are willing to offer a level of compensation that is far above the industry average for full-time positions. Like looking through a piece of world-famous “Murano” glass artwork, all sides see are something of value.

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Job posted on 19 September 2022
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