Senior Data Scientist (offline)

The Client has offices in Łódź, Poland and London, England. If you live within a comfortable commute distance from one of them - it will be a bonus. But, we're also open to remote-based arrangements. Solving real-time problems with truly smart technology. Software development industy.

Water leaks are a massive problem. They waste approx. 800 million litres of water every single day, in the UK alone – and cause more damage than all house fires, explosions and burglaries combined.
Even if you’re covered by insurance, leaks are horrible to deal with - weeks of repairs, “drying out”, and there are things even the most generous insurance payout can’t replace.
Our solution detects, prevents and stops fresh water leaks, throughout a whole property – using next-generation AI and cutting-edge HD Ultrasonic technology.
We combine world-class academic research, award-winning IoT/smart home expertise and elegant design into innovative, helpful products that enhance people's lives.
Our technology roadmap is full of great products we want to build and launch in the coming years.

We’ve secured investment from a multi-billion-Euro investor, and we’re accelerating our growth. Now, we need you, Data Scientist, to help us create and launch world-changing inventions.

Job Description Senior Data Scientist


You’re an ambitious self-starter who learns fast, loves technology, and delivers code three times faster than people think is possible.

You will get the opportunity to work on various projects with exciting products at multiple stages of their life cycle.

You will have a chance to learn new technologies and be a critical team member to help us develop cutting-edge applications in IoT.

Although we are very well-founded, we are still a relatively small team. This means that you will have a lot of autonomy, a massive opportunity to grow with the company, and your work can truly change the lives of people on this planet.


Work as part of our data science team designing, building, and delivering high-quality Machine Learning models, using time series data and neural networks
Analyse the data and develop new approaches to automatic
Do the research and pure POC modelling, production models maintenance, new features implementation to data analysis, data collection requirements and visualization/reporting


Experience working with:

Python language (including numpy, pandas, scikit-learn, tensorflow)
AWS (Lambda, Kinesis, SageMaker)
mathematical and statistical models and algorithms
Other engineers contributing to the same codebase

Additionally, we expect you to:

Be keen to learn, regardless of level or experience
Be comfortable with ambiguous goals and be able to work to tight deadlines
Communicate well and take ownership and responsibility for all tasks
If you’ve worked with IoT products, InfluxDB or know Big Data concepts – this will be a bonus.

About Particles Global

Particles Global was established to serve top standard service to IT businesses worldwide, by:
- assigning qualified English-speaking engineers to their projects like a smart extension;
- building solid engineering teams along with project management, legal, and HR support;
- establishing branded teams in Ukraine for European and American companies under their logo;
- solving challenges in regards to software solutions, delivery, timing, and costs.

Our mission is to meet your expectations with a flavor of extra, to expand consistently and enhance the power of technology, to take care of our Particles in a proper way, retaining them and making them blissful. Sounds like a lot of work to do, but that's what we are used to doing)

Particles Global serves respected customers out of the UK, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, the USA, and this is not the limit.

Company website:

DOU company page:

The job ad is no longer active
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  • Category: Data Science
  • Python, AWS, Linux
  • English: Upper-Intermediate
  • 5 years of experience
  • Full Remote
  • Product
  • United Kingdom, Poland
  • Only candidates from Europe