Senior DevOps (Azure)

In our Team, we think hard about our clients, their success, the product and each other. And every day we seek to improve all those aspects of our lives. We have a phrase for this – Get Productive. Our clients are: Bestseller, Ecco, Brooks, Esprit, Puma.

You are here because you want to be productive, disrupt the way of doing business, and be proud.

You build it; you run it. You focus on a great outcome, without bureaucracy and silos but with discipline and focus. You’re challenged to improve constantly, to bring new ideas to the table, to co-pilot our clients and to do things not because they are easy but because they are hard. Here we are comfortable with being uncomfortable. Being great comes with effort (just in case you did not get the memo). And you can be disruptive. You can execute your ideas. You get to work in small teams that do big things. You get to get more done. You get to be productive.

Speaking up, giving feedback and raising flags – all standard behavior here. That’s what we do and what moves us forward. We’re on this journey together; a journey which brings value to our clients and thereby we bring value to one another.


Maintaining, building and supporting ARM templates for Infrastructure as a Code Repositories
Kubernetes management, daily checks, updates, enhancements and cost saving
SSL certificates updates, management monitoring
Updating existing infrastructure to best practices cost efficiency
Azure Infrastructure management
Security recommendations implementations
App Service Plans
Storage Accounts
Virtual Machines Virtual Machine ScaleSets
VNet configurations and support
Service Bus
Azure Data Retention Policies
Azure Monitoring Alerts management
Container registry management
Monitoring the cluster
Running k8s updates
Maintaining monitoring pods and networking
Maintaining monitoring Traefik
Maintaining developing Infrastructure as a code Repositories (ARM technology is used)
Building release pipelines for feature teams
Supporting developers in developing build pipelines
Maintaining Azure Devops (access management, builds release organizations, task group management)
Grafana / Tech Cluster

Security Management

Setting up access
User permission management

Infrastructure Monitoring

Setting up alerts in Azure Monitor
Setting up PagerDuty schedules
Alerts as a Code repository management

Cost Management

Monitoring Azure Costs
Implementing long-term cost saving changes

Your Soft Skills:

Reliable - means that the agreements that have been done are met and met on time and schedule
Competent - provide a long term predictable solutions
Proactive - should show passion and energy in day to day activities

About Particles Global

Particles Global was established to serve top standard service to IT businesses worldwide, by:
- assigning qualified English-speaking engineers to their projects like a smart extension;
- building solid engineering teams along with project management, legal, and HR support;
- establishing branded teams in Ukraine for European and American companies under their logo;
- solving challenges in regards to software solutions, delivery, timing, and costs.

Our mission is to meet your expectations with a flavor of extra, to expand consistently and enhance the power of technology, to take care of our Particles in a proper way, retaining them and making them blissful. Sounds like a lot of work to do, but that's what we are used to doing)

Particles Global serves respected customers out of the UK, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, the USA, and this is not the limit.

Company website:

DOU company page:

Job posted on 28 July 2022
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