Euromoney is a global B2B information-services business. We provide actionable data, analysis, intelligence and access through three divisions in markets where information and convening participants is valued.

We have customers in more than 160 countries and over 2,500 employees located in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

Our purpose is to provide clarity in opaque markets to help our customers compete successfully.

Our goal is to be a fast-growing, high-margin, 3.0 information-services subscription business.

Our customers are financial institutions, those involved in the extraction, trading and use of commodities, professional and technology service providers, and corporations.

Our people are creative, action-oriented, close to their customers, passionate about their brands and knowledgeable about the industries they serve.

CTO's remit with PI is to integrate the tech stacks of the five businesses that EII acquired (BoardEx, Weath-X, Wealth Engine, RelSci, Boardroom Insiders), and build a New Data Platform.

Develop data ingestion & mastering capabilities within the Databricks platform.

Mandatory Skills Description:
Java, Databricks

Nice-to-Have Skills:
Hadoop, Apache Spark, MapReduce

About Luxoft

Luxoft is a high-end application outsourcing provider of choice and a trusted technology advisor to Global 2000 and medium-sized growth companies that apply compelling technologies to obtain leadership positions in their respective markets.
Luxoft today finds the Best talents, proposes career growth & employment benefits. Our teams are involved in high complicity & innovative projects for the Top leaders companies around the Globe.

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Job posted on 20 June 2022
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