The company provides world-class power solutions and complete life-cycle support. Through digitalization and electrification, the company strives to develop drive and power generation solutions that are even cleaner and smarter and thus provide answers to the challenges posed by the rapidly growing


● 2+ years of commercial experience

● Strong Java core (java 8+)

● Multi-threading

● Spring Framework, Spring Boot

● SQL and NoSQL based databases

● Message-based systems

● Git

● Linux

● Intermediate or higher level of English

Would be a plus:

● Reactive Programming (Reactor or RxJava)

● Docker

● Experience with scalable distributed systems

The main area of the project:

● Fleet management and engine performance monitoring;

● Telematics tracking, geofencing, routing;

● Fuel quality and consumption management;

● Workload management and scheduling;

● Predictive maintenance based on previously detected engine issues.


● The company is able to receive data from vessels, rail machinery, nuclear reactors, power plants, and mining equipment, but has issues with any further actions(transforming, processing, transferring) with that data.

● The main thing their solutions were doing - creating simple data reports and data visualization that basically just including the raw data along with building predefined charts for technical analysts.


● The platform computes live-streaming data that is incoming from the sensors connected to the assets. When the platform gets the asset data, it’s visualizing and analyzing on the UI.

● Predictive maintenance implemented with help of machine learning, configurable alerts, and thresholds.

● Configurable alerts can be set up with a wide system of rules and alert templates for faster and more efficient data analysis.

● Our team is responsible for the entire engineering cycle, from the initial device’s software design to ground-up implementation, testing automation, analytics, and UI production rollout.

Technology stack: Java, Kotlin, MQTT, WebSocket, STOMP, HTTP Spring (Framework, Boot, Security, Data) Reactor, Postgres, Cassandra, Kafka, Docker, Gradle, Git

About KaaIoT

KaaIoT Technologies, LLC is an Internet of Things Product company and one of the leading Internet of Things technology providers. Our clients are located in the US/EU/Middle East regions and they run projects in multiple industries - from Smart Home / Energy to Telecom, Smart Wearables, and Industry 4.0. We are developing one of the world’s top IoT platforms. If you are result oriented and want to grow and develop in your career - just show us what you got.

CyberVision were original creators of the Kaa IoT Platform, which later branched off as an independent company, KaaIoT.

CyberVision is a software development company with a long history of global success stories. For over 25 years in the industry, we’ve built technologies now used by tens of millions of people and enabled our clients to grow their businesses manifold.
We offer a broad range of software development, quality assurance, IT consulting, DevOps, and support services for global companies as well as rising start-ups. Our areas of expertise include Big Data, Cloud, Telecom, Internet of Things, Mobile, AI & ML, SaaS, and other modern technologies. Our delivery model is based on the time-proven agile methodologies that ensure full work transparency and fast time-to-market.
CyberVision has R&D facilities in the US and Eastern Europe, with some of the most comprehensive talent & expertise profiles in the modern IT stack.

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