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We’re looking for a DevOps Engineer to join our team. Together we’re going to create systems and write code that automates building various cloud-based systems and daily management of these systems.


You have previous experience with Terraform and Ansible;
You have experience with Jenkins, AWS, AWS CloudFormation, Git, Kubernetes/Docker, Redis.
You know these server applications: Linux, Windows, Python, MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Apache, NginX.
You know PHP on an administrator-level ;
You're familiar with Elasticsearch;
You can speak and write fluently in English;
You are good at managing your time and we could trust you with deadlines;
You keep your promises and are a reliable person;;
You believe that “more or less fine” is not actually fine
“It cannot be done” does not belong in your vocabulary;
You like teamwork and team events.


You have previous work experience as a programmer;
You have experience with Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure.
You have experience with Node.js and React.

About Smart Solutions

Smart Solutions — провідний провайдер аутсорсингу бізнес-процесів в Україні, Центральній Азії та Європі.

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Job posted on 17 June 2022
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