US product "Hanu" is looking for a React Native Engineer to join our fully remote team.

You will build a first-of-its-kind stress management product. Our mobile-based solution will interact with a sophisticated biometric device and will leverage proprietary stress analysis algorithms. This product will help people to measure and manage their stress levels from diagnostics to personalized analysis to measurable, objective therapeutic solutions.
Who are you?
You care about our customers, the problem we’re solving and our product. You are PASSIONATE about making meaningful contributions to the direction of the product in collaboration and partnership with the extended team and founders. To accomplish this, you will be working with an incredible team of product, software, hardware and design experts, world-class scientists, entrepreneurs and business professionals.

Your job will be to:
●Build important systems and features
●To think about how you can help your team meet objectives and timelines
●To balance speed and tech debt
●To ensure the long-term health of the team and systems.

We absolutely want and need your perspective, expertise and leadership. We know that great products are built when we combine the experience and expertise of a diverse team.
We continuously deploy to ensure we’re constantly getting feedback from our users, and
follow the approach of starting small, shipping often, and deferring unnecessary

We’re looking for a Sr. Mobile Developer who has experience with:
●MUST have experience with React Native.
●MUST have experience testing on both IOS & Android platforms (although we’ll
probably launch only on IOS to start).
●MUST be able to test one’s own code using unit testing or automated testing
frameworks or with tools like Jest, Detox, Cypress etc.
●Nice to have experience with native languages for both IOS and Android.
●Nice to have experience with algorithms and algorithm deployment.
●Nice to have experience working in an AWS (Amazon Web Services) environment.
You don’t need experience configuring AWS, just experience with the environment.
Nice to have experience or exposure to experience in JavaScript and React/Redux.
●Nice to have knowledge of or experience with native Android development (Java or
Kotlin) and/or native iOS development (Objective-C, Swift or SwiftUI).
●Experience with or excited to learn about BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connected

The Sr. React Native Developer will also:
●Enjoy moving products forward quickly, but wants to work at a sustainable pace—we
avoid burnout so we can build a business with long-term value
●Has in-depth experience building web products
●Investigate and address issues with performance, scalability, and maintainability.
●Possesses good judgment about making technical tradeoffs
●Participate in code reviews.
●Mentor and guide engineers on best practices.

Key Responsibilities & Experience:
●TEAM. Build great software and build a world classsoftware development team.
●PRODUCT. Architect, develop, and maintain an insight-to-actionmental health product. Partner with the CEO & extended Product Team to shape the roadmap of the product.
●DEVELOPMENT. Craft technical specs, writing readableand extensible code, and keep tabs on post-release metrics.
●PRODUCTIVITY. Help the founders and extended teamselect and use a productivity stack that optimizes for great, effective and efficient communication. Take an active role in the development and documentation of best practices.
●COMPANY STRATEGY.Play a major role in the company’sstrategic growth —
technology and process-wise.

● We’re building a diverse team of talented individuals who bring different perspectives to the business and who feel a sense of inclusion and belonging when they join our team.
● We welcome and celebrate new ideas and allow you to make an immediate impact on the team.
● Unlimited PTO for any reason, including sick days (no specified limits), flexible work schedule.
● Opportunity to attend professional development training, certifications, and conferences.
● Private health & dental insurance.
● Remote work
● Stock option plan. All members of the team will be eligible for stock options at the 6 month mark of employment with Hanu Health.

About TurnKey Labs

TurnKey was founded by serial SaaS entrepreneurs who built and optimized remote product teams in Ukraine and Poland for their own successful Silicon Valley software companies, TurnKey helps startups quickly create high quality product development teams at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional development efforts.

Unlike “outsourcing,” TurnKey customers are in full control over their teams and what they are working on; TurnKey just takes care of all the administrative headaches (like recruiting, benefits, taxes, etc.) that get in the way of scaling development efforts effectively.

Our mission is to reimagine how remote product teams operate in order to help fuel the next global wave of innovation.

TurnKey’s values are simple, and apply equally to both TurnKey employees and customers.
Life is short, so we always strive to:
~ Act with honesty and transparency
~ Work with people you respect and respect you
~ Do the right thing in every situation
~ Put quality above all else
~ Work on something that matters

TurnKey story is here

Company website:

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Job posted on 17 June 2022
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