Looking for a Senior Data Scientist with Python experience to join the DataForest team. We are developing data-driven solutions.

To join us you need:
• 5+ years of experience with Python (Pandas, Numpy, Sklearn, Keras, TensorFlow, etc.);
• 3+ years of experience with AI/ML/DL (NLP, CV, fraud detection, anomaly detection, Forecasting);
• Experience with clustering algorithms (KMeans, DB-Scan, etc.)
• Experience with SQL and NoSQL based databases (Postgresql, Elasticsearch etc);
• Strong experience in statistics and probability theory;
• Strong critical reasoning.

You are expected to:
• Create forecasting, recommendation, classification, clustering models;
• Perform text processing, classification, clustering;
• Perform data analysis;
• Elaborate different data processing algorithms;
• Work directly with the core team to understand, implement and suggest different applications;
• Solve non-trivial machine learning problems;
• Work with large, complex data sets (data collection, storage, management);
• Create training data sets (preliminary data processing, function development, data partitioning, sampling);
Improve the quality of existing models;
• Perform training, tuning and evaluation of the machine learning model - development and deployment of testing hypotheses and analysis of test results;
• Deploy training models and control their functioning.

We offer:
• Great networking opportunities with international clients, challenging tasks;
• Building interesting projects from scratch using new technologies;
• Personal and professional development opportunities;
• Competitive salary fixed in USD;
• Paid vacation and sick leaves, medical insurance;
• Flexible work schedule;
• Friendly working environment with minimal hierarchy;
• Team building activities, corporate events.

About dataforest

DataForest - helps companies use data to drive decisions. We apply Data Science techniques combined with expertise in business automation, large-scale data analysis and advanced software engineering to improve performance outcomes for organizations and create added value to their clients and shareholders.

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Job posted on 12 May 2022
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