As the first full-time engineer on the project, you will be responsible for all the aspects of development - from architecture direction to production maintenance (8*5, not 24*7).

Skills Required:

· Passion to incrementally build product, manage engineering excellence speed of development tradeoffs.
· strong JavaScript.
· relational database experience.
· HTML and CSS.
· programming best practices, e.g. patterns, unit-testing, code review, testing, CI/CD.
· (optional) Vue.js or any similar.
· (optional) API development experience.

Project Description.

ZoolaBeat is an internal Zoolatech product orchestrating the company lifecycle, providing in-house and client reporting and integrating with many external systems. There is an ambitious roadmap to move it further out to the market and commercialize at one point in the future.

Every new feature release will bring immediate gratification in the form of internal user feedback as they wait for their long list of desired features to be prioritized and implemented.

To summarize, you get:

· the opportunity of end-product development out of a dynamic new backlog of challenging tasks.
· excellent opportunity to polish full-stack engineer skills and learn modern technologies.
· extreme opportunity to discuss, propose, architect, develop, test, listen to feedback and use the end product.

About Zoolatech

Zoolatech is a boutique service provider, specializing in high-end software development. We are based in Silicon Valley with a Development Center in Kyiv, Ukraine. Although ZoolaTech is a relatively young player on the Eastern European market, we have deep roots and years of experience of working within Ukrainian and American high tech industries. The size of our clientele varies from Fortune 500 to inspiring startups. We are not an outsourcer in a traditional sense, rather we specialize in helping our Clients scale by extending their teams to Eastern Europe.

Over the years, we have learned that in our industry people are the most important asset, and so we treat our employees as such. We set our working environment in a way that allows individuals thrive and grow professionally, as well as personally. As much as we are dedicated to providing the best possible services to our Clients, we are just as dedicated to helping our Employees reach their professional dreams and ambitions.

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