Our print journey is a great adventure for your experience. Don’t miss a chance to join a strong team of innovators who are shaping tomorrow’s print industry. We are working on business and consumer solutions that consolidate all print stages, from design to production, into one smooth flow.

Golang Developer – The Driver
In Proffiz’s Formula 1 Golang Developer is a driver who helps win titles. You will join our team of innovators working on the company’s people collaboration suite. You are going to be an important team player and your own success is the success of the whole crew!

Who is on the Pit Wall
Our client is a global business with its headquarters and production facilities in the Netherlands. This is the inspiring place where craftsmanship, passion and creativity are united. Their company started out as a small group and has grown into an international printing platform. In addition to developing online software, client’s company produces products in-house and stands for reliability and providing first class service.

Your driving experience
- 5+ years of software engineering experience
- Proficiency in Go (2+ years of experience)
- Docker, Kafka
- Node.js and TypeScript skills would be a plus
- Solid knowledge of architecture patterns
- AWS experience
- Knowledge of APIs development
- AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, CloudFormation, API Gateway, serverless
would be a plus
- Knowledge of unit testing
- Strong desire to develop high quality code
- At least intermediate strong level of English

The Crew
You will be part of a great international team that consists of 5 engineers and a delivery manager at Proffiz, and 15 engineers at client’s side.

Your Bolide
- Golang
- Vue.js
- React + Redux
- TypeScript
- Node.js
- AWS Lambda
- Other AWS services

The race begins with a warm-up lap – you may call it – onboarding. During the warm-up lap, you meet the HR-manager who solves various organizational questions, guides you to the office, adds you to internal communication channels, provides you with the needed equipment, etc. Then meet the client, the team, drink a cup of tea or coffee and start exploring the project.
After a warm-up lap, you are ready to the race in which you should:
- Collaborate with experienced engineers, designers, QAs, POs and managers to produce high-quality, elegant, scalable and clean software assets
- Be involved in all phases of the development lifecycle
- Build and enhance pixel-perfect UI and the distributed back-end platform (in case of a full stack), maintaining a high level of performance.

About Proffiz

Proffiz helps startups and software vendors to develop great products for Fortune 500 companies, as well as, set up and operate seamlessly integrated nearshore or offshore teams.

The company was founded by a skilled team with over 14 years of diverse experience in the IT industry covering North America and EU markets. Proffiz is a team of ambitious tech experts proficient in both innovative startups and enterprise-level projects development. We support our people in their professional development and create a comfortable working environment for achieving great results.

We are convinced that today’s IT looks more like a race. Every project is an opportunity, every project is a race for the best talents, the latest technologies, process improvement, optimal and winning solutions and we think we are good at it. Any race may lose without the right strategy, and strategy is also our strength.

We are FAST:
We grow fast because we build teams fast, we provide fast response to customer demands, we adapt fast to market needs.

As in Formula 1, we assemble the team ourselves, competently configure the processes and tools, as well as, assemble a bolide (technology stack) that will be the most optimal and functional for each project separately.

Of course, we couldn’t say such loud words about our merits and opportunities without a cool crew, because all the victories are impossible without great professionals!

hope we managed to interest you)

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