The mission is to build out a new commerce platform on MACH technologies to create a technical platform that can scale with the 50% year on year growth planned for the business.

Initial project phasing is to build out PIM and later phases will see Search, Basket / Checkout and CMS rolled out. Client is building Storefront out in parallel with PIM. Existing platform already uses AWS and this will be the cloud provider moving forward.

Details on tech stack
- The three key best of breed technologies which will form the crux of the overall solution are commercetools (to power commerce capabilities), Amplience (or similar CMS to facilitate the content management capabilities) and Algolia/ (or similar search provider to power the search capabilities).
- AWS is the chosen infrastructure for any custom solution hosting (e.g storefronts, extensions to commercetool and Amplience etc,) and deploying microservices
- The main AWS capabilities which will be used are lambdas, SQS/SNS/Event Bridge, S3 Bucket, Step Functions , cloud watch etc
- The code base will be built and maintained as a Mono Repo and Rush will be used as the mono repo management tool

Min requirements to the candidate
- Proficient in Typescript
- Demonstrable experience in developing API First / Headless applications ( or microservice-based architectures)
- Experience developing using event driven architecture
- Demonstrable experience with CloudNative services. AWS specific experience is a plus.
- Understanding CI/CD in a microservice environment (mono repo, AWS CDK, AWS code pipeline, AWS code build etc)
- Experience with a commerce platform (commercetools experience is a plus)
- Deep knowledge of best practices in developing for the web
- Nice to have requirements to the candidate
- Experience with headless CMS is a plus
- Knowledge of eCommerce related components is a plus (e.g. search and navigation, product catalogue modelling, prices and promotions etc)
- Experience using other technologies like Node, React, Terraform, GraphQL etc is a plus
- Current team size, their locations and whether the team is going to grow?

Current team:
- Scrum Master, Business Analyst, Technical Lead
- Nearshore:, API engineer, QA engineer & devops
- Intention is for another 2 cloud-native/API engineers to join to focus on configuring PIM on commercetools.
- Next phase of work will be building out CMS, Basket and Checkout on MACH tech.

What tasks the candidate will work with?
- Candidate will work on an event driven architecture and using cloud native tools building extensive business capabilities
- Candidate will work on extending commercetools data models and business logic in an API first cloud native way
- Candidate will write unit tests and integrations tests (mainly written in Jest)
- Candidate will work on writing business critical performant application logic

- Work on modern cloud native API first architecture
- Possibility to learn MACH based composable ecommerce application development
- Opportunity to extensively work with best breed technologies around commerce, cms and search
- Opportunity to work in a transparent and friendly engineering team
- Opportunity to work on other modern software development approaches like mono repo, serverless, etc

About Grid Dynamics

Grid Dynamics is a leading provider of technology consulting, agile co-creation and scalable engineering and data science services for Fortune 500 corporations undergoing digital transformation. We work in close collaboration with our clients on digital transformation initiatives that span strategy consulting, early prototypes and enterprise-scale delivery of new digital platforms. We help organizations become more agile and create innovative digital products and experiences using deep expertise in emerging technology, top global engineering talent, lean software development practices, and a high-performance product culture. Headquartered in Silicon Valley with over 1,200 technologists located in engineering delivery centers throughout the US, Central and Eastern Europe, Grid Dynamics is known for architecting and delivering some of the largest digital transformation programs in the retail, technology and financial sectors to help its clients win market share, shorten time to market and reduce costs of digital operations on a massive scale.

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Job posted on 6 May 2022
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