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memoryOS — a gamified ed-tech startup that recently completed the Kickstarter campaign and got The Most Funded App Ever title. We’re taking our product to the next level and are currently in search of a skilled and responsible developer to join our core team.

Requirements to the candidate
- 5+ years of commercial experience
- Strong understanding of TypeScript types (generics, tuples)
- Strong understanding of decorators (NestJS or at least routing controllers)
- Experience with microservices
- Experience with broker managers (RabbitMQ, SQS, NATS)
- Experience with key value storages (Redis)
- Experience with postgres (typeform)
- Strong understanding of React (hooks, context)
- Strong understanding of CSS (sass, less, emoji, styled-components)
- Experience with MUI
- Experience with Firebase (auth, file storage)
- Experience with websockets (
- Experience in third-party plugins integration
- Git, Jira

Will be an advantage
- Experience with TDD (jest)
- Experience with Firebase/Cognito/0Auth for authorization
- Experience with code quality tools (ESlint)
- Experience with CI/CD
- Experience with docker

Our offer
- Fully remote work
- Competitive compensation
- Flexible working schedule
- Many opportunities for professional growth
- Regular code and performance reviews
- No bureaucracy, direct communications within the team
- 24 paid vacation days
- 10 sick leave days
- Sign-up bonus

About memoryOS

memoryOS is an ed-tech startup that combines AI-powered gamified micro-lessons compiled by 2X World Memory Champion and our Mind Palace Virtual Implant technology in the form of a video game. Both of these components are in one single iOS, Android & Web app. Further in the future, it will be available for VR headsets as well.

The app provides you with virtual storage, where your mind keeps all that matters to you in perfect order. You can actually walk into a virtual copy of your mind space and organize all the things you need to remember.

Company website:

The job ad is no longer active
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