Our client is a fintech company with billions of dollars in revenue whose solutions enhance and optimize financial services globally.

They aim to modernize workplace systems used in wealth management investment platforms. DataArt's specialists are modifying and replacing the existing ones, assisting the client in driving business transformation.

We are seeking a remote Data Engineer who will join the team managing the platform. The candidate will provide in-depth analysis of company performance metrics, and use this data to suggest and implement optimization strategies.

About 700-1000 people are working on this project globally; our team is at about 10 people. The team is mainly located in Saint Petersburg, working on data transformation and ETL. Stack: we use .NET and C# for tracing. Experience with capital markets and private equity would be a plus!

Must have
- 1+ year of experience with C#
- Strong knowledge of data structures and algorithms
- Experience with design patterns and unit testing
- Fluency in SQL sufficient to develop processes/views as well as read and understand already existing ones
- Familiarity with YAML, JSON, XML
- A BS/MS in Computer Science or Mathematics is preferred
- Knowledge and interest in the financial industry
- Ability to learn quickly
- Excellent problem solving, troubleshooting, communication, and analytical skills so that the candidate can start contributing right away even in an environment with many unknowns
- Ability to multitask and focus on meeting deadlines
- Spoken English

About DataArt

DataArt с 1997 года проектирует, разрабатывает, модернизирует и поддерживает IT-решения в области финансов, здравоохранения, телекома, туризма, медиа и интернета вещей.

Клиенты DataArt — компании с уникальными бизнес-моделями — находятся в США и Великобритании, а распределенные команды специалистов — в центрах разработки в России, Украине, Польше, Аргентине и Болгарии.

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Job posted on 9 September 2021
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