lifecell is a Ukrainian digital operator that provides services in the field of mobile communications, digital solutions and mobile Internet to customers, business and a state. 100% of the operator's shares belong to Turkcell

Working in lifecell you will have:

- High dynamics in work.
- Cool and open truly international corporate culture.
- Competitive market salary, 29 days' vacations, medical insurance, and a social package.
- Convenient office location on Solomyanka, Kyiv with developed infrastructure around, dining area, and corporate buses shuttling to metro stations.
- A super team.

Job accountability area:

Using advanced analytics and machine learning to solve business problems and develop data-driven products. Integrate and prepare large, varied datasets, architect specialized database and compute environments, and communicate results

Functional Responsibilities:

- Identify the business requirements and the expected outcome by suggesting other products of interest to the client
- Target, prioritize potential customers for a new product
- Develop data-driven B2B products
- Offer optimal pricing
- Build Company models:
1.churn prevention model
2.collection optimization model
3.terminal financing rationalization model
4.other upon request and depending on business need
- Identify what data is available and relevant, including internal and external data sources, leveraging new data collection processes
- Make strategic recommendations on data collection, integration and retention requirements incorporating business requirements and knowledge of best practices
- Develop innovative and effective approaches to solve client's analytics problems and communicate results and methodologies
- Validate their findings using an experimental and iterative approach
- Define the data quality expectation in the context of the specific use case
- Identify and analyze patterns in the volume of data supporting the initiative, the type of data (e.g., images, text, clickstream or metering data) and the speed or sudden variations in data collection
- Recommend ongoing improvements to methods and algorithms that lead to findings, including new information
- Implement enhancements and fixes to systems as needed
- Propose innovative ways to look at problems by using data mining (the process of discovering new patterns from large datasets) approaches on the set of information available


- Education - Computer science, applied mathematics, statistics or related field
- Language skills - English (fluent)
- Skills/PC skills - Statistical programming language, like R, Python, database querying language like SQL, statistics, machine learning, mathematics, data wrangling.
- Advanced analytic skills
- Need to be creative thinkers
- Need a combination of business focus, strong analytical and problem solving skills
- Programming knowledge
- High level of self-motivation
- Initiative
- Ability to work independently
- Communication and data visualization
- Project management
- Industry knowledge
- Excellent written and communications skills

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About lifecell Ukraine

lifecell — український діджитал-оператор, що надає справжню свободу спілкування.

lifecell входить до групи компаній Turkcell — міжнародного постачальника конвергентних телекомунікаційних і технологічних послуг, головний офіс якого знаходиться у м. Стамбул, Туреччина.

Діджитал-оператор lifecell пропонує своїм абонентам передові послуги та розвиває власну екосистему діджитал-сервісів.

Ми працюємо, щоб об'єднувати людей за допомогою простих послуг, що надають нової якості спілкуванню. Ми змінюємо життя на краще завдяки послугам, які надаємо, та внеску, який робимо в розвиток суспільства.

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Job posted on 9 September 2021
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