Are you a recruitment professional with a strong desire to influence the processes and take over the recruitment strategy and coordination?
Belgian Product IT company needs you to get in charge of the various vacancies and the hiring in Ukraine! (with the cooperation with agencies when needed)

Required skills

Roses are red
Violets are blue.
If you’re a recruiter
Idalko needs you.

The requirements:

* English, English, English
You see, you’ll need to communicate with your teammates and it will be tough without English skills. Our team may be located in different cities, but it’s still one team working together.

* Recruitment experience
Sorry, juns. You’ll have to skip this one. Usually, idalko invites fresh blood, but now we don’t have time for mentoring.

* Literacy and creativity
Or at least you know how to use Grammarly and Thesaurus.

As a plus:

It would be really nice if
* you have experience/ knowledge of recruitment abroad
* you like board games
* you’ve seen Jira on the monitors of your colleagues

We offer:

I will not list the usual stuff that every IT company is offering, like limitless coffee and cookies.

Here are our unique offerings:

* flexibility
We use hourly tracking systems. You log time and receive remuneration base on the amount of time you’ve been working. And you have enormous flexibility — start, go for lunch, leave to handle the personal matters - practically any time you want. And if you need a day off — just mark it in the team calendar and you’re free to go. You are responsible for your own schedule and load, so you can plan the time totally on your own

* traveling
To the international educational events and other offices of Idalko.

* learning
You know some really nice course/ conference/ workshop that will help you grow — tell and we’ll support you.

* health insurance
You know how it works, but it’s better if you’d not use it after all.

* community
Our company is multinational, even our team in Lviv has people from all over Ukraine. And all of them are really cool people. Come and see it for yourself!

Project description

Idalko is an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner in Belgium, Ukraine, and France. It means, that we work very closely with Jira, Confluence and other Atlassian tools. Our software engineers develop in Java, Scala, Groovy and React.
Our company is dynamically growing and believe me when I say it because we have a hell of a lot of vacancies to close. And not just in Ukraine.

About Idalko

iDalko is a product company with headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium, and the Atlassian Platinum Solutions Partner in Belgium, France and Ukraine (Spain will be added to the list quite soon).

Being rooted in the open source world, Atlassian’s products are very open and pretty easy to extend with new functionalities, by building add-ons and such.

Check out for the Table Grid Editor, Table Grid New Generation, the Full Screen Dialogs, the Pivot Gadget and Exalate - our main products.

All these add-ons are commercially available and have over 1000 customers such as Tesla, Dow Jones, Verizon, Disney, Apple, etc., who provide us the means to further evolve their quality and functionality.

Also, we are a services company heavily involved in the day to day operations of our customers, helping them to use the Atlassian tools as good as possible.

We consider ourselves agile. We believe very strongly that quality software can only be developed if the whole team ’lives the product’. We expect that each of us is fully involved in ensuring that the product meets the highest quality standards. We want to be proud of the work we deliver.

We want our people to evolve by following trainings, reading books, attending seminars and courses. We’ll invest in your skills and expect you to share with your colleagues what you learned.

Join us! Make yourself an expert.

Company website:

DOU company page:

Job posted on 9 September 2021
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