The pioneering medical technology company delivering technology into the growing global dialysis market, reimagining dialysis for patients and healthcare providers.

About the project:

The pioneering medical technology company delivering technology into the growing global dialysis market, reimagining dialysis for patients and healthcare providers. The company developed the mobile haemodialysis system for the treatment of patients with renal failure. It is also the first-of-its-kind system to receive approval from the FDA in April 2020 for use in patients at their home. The haemodialysis systems are widely used by patients all over the US. In May 2020 in collaboration with the US Department of Health and Human Services the company delivered 50 haemodialysis systems to the US hospitals.


Basic development skills in Java
Understanding of OOP principles
Good knowledge of algorithms and data structures
Basic SQL knowledge
Theoretical knowledge of Spring Framework Core / MVC / Data
Experience with Git
Good written and verbal communication skills in English
Self-motivated, independent, and high-performance individual. Passionate about learning new technologies

Would be a plus:

Experience with Linux
Understanding of distributed systems, streaming, and event processing products
Cloud provider usage

The main area of the project:

Real-time monitoring and analytics of the device and patient data;
Over-the-air software updates;
Cloud-based monitoring and reporting;
Reporting and data visualization.


Traditional hemodialysis is a time-consuming routine which requires dedicated hospital facilities and staff. As a result, it is difficult to scale up for a larger number of patients as well as to be implemented in remote or poverty areas. Today, a lack of such specialized medical facilities around the world results in the statistics that only 10% of those who need dialysis actually receive it.


We developed a digital platform that enables real-time monitoring and analytics of the device and patient data and allows medical staff to monitor and adjust the treatment process remotely. The device contains numerous sensors, actuators, and controllers, which were enabled with remote access capabilities. The collected information is presented to medical staff in real-time web dashboards, which allow doctors to view patient treatment analytics over time.

The platform is designed to be scalable, with the ability to monitor several thousand customer treatments in parallel. To do this, we employ Cloud-based technology and algorithms that automatically identify and report problems. And the platform meets the requirements for end-to-end security, which makes it HIPAA compliant. The platform allows the staff to automate documentation and streamlines machine management with two-way wireless data transfer and cloud-based monitoring and reporting. Treatment data is stored in the device, downloadable from wherever you are or integrated with your EMR. Also, two-way data communication can automatically send treatment data to the cloud.

Our team responsible for the entire engineering cycle, from the initial device’s software design to ground-up implementation, testing automation, analytics, and UI production rollout.

Overall project technology stack:

AWS services (EC2, S3, VPC, KMS, Route53, ECR, IAM, RDS, Lambda, Cognito), Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins, Prometheus, Grafana, Cadvisor, Node Exporter, Python, MVN, Grandle, Snowflake, NGINX, Kafka, Zookeeper.

About KaaIoT

KaaIoT Technologies, LLC is an Internet of Things Product company and one of the leading Internet of Things technology providers. Our clients are located in the US/EU/Middle East regions and they run projects in multiple industries - from Smart Home / Energy to Telecom, Smart Wearables, and Industry 4.0. We are developing one of the world’s top IoT platforms. If you are result oriented and want to grow and develop in your career - just show us what you got.

CyberVision were original creators of the Kaa IoT Platform, which later branched off as an independent company, KaaIoT.

CyberVision is a software development company with a long history of global success stories. For over 25 years in the industry, we’ve built technologies now used by tens of millions of people and enabled our clients to grow their businesses manifold.
We offer a broad range of software development, quality assurance, IT consulting, DevOps, and support services for global companies as well as rising start-ups. Our areas of expertise include Big Data, Cloud, Telecom, Internet of Things, Mobile, AI & ML, SaaS, and other modern technologies. Our delivery model is based on the time-proven agile methodologies that ensure full work transparency and fast time-to-market.
CyberVision has R&D facilities in the US and Eastern Europe, with some of the most comprehensive talent & expertise profiles in the modern IT stack.

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Job posted on 9 September 2021
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