We’re looking for a Senior Node.js Developer to join our team!

Superblocks is a low-code builder for secure, enterprise-grade internal tools. Developers use Superblocks to drag and drop UI components onto a canvas and connect it to a datasource (postgres, snowflake, zendesk, S3 etc.) via our integrations. Developers can also use the workflow builder to construct the backend of the internal tool. Superblocks offers a complete set of tools for building and deploying internal tools.

Highly proficient in English in both written and verbal communication, to be able to discuss and debate strategic engineering / product decisions live with the team
5+ years of experience in leveraging public or private cloud infrastructure to build and operate cloud native applications and APIs
Significant working experience with NodeJS, Express, Postgres, Docker, Terraform, Kubernetes
Expertise in SaaS architectures, cloud storage (EBS, S3), security, networking, authentication (OAuth2, SSO) and deployment.
Develop features and improvements to the Superblocks product in a secure, well-tested, and performant way

BONUS: Experience in working with systems like Redis, Kafka, Elasticsearch, Logstash and Airflow

Project: Integrate Databases

Superblocks users can use the API Builder to build APIs and backend logic using prebuilt integration components.

Interesting Technical Challenges:
Enable a plug and play model with new integrations without the need to restart service or manual upgrades
Build a solid integrations framework that supports adding/updating integrations quickly
Declaratively defining integrations without writing too much code
Build integrations sandbox so we can streamline end-to-end, stress and penetration tests
Zero downtime upgrades of integrations
An integration may be a REST API, Stripe integration, Postgres Datasource, MongoDB, Redis, a custom function, etc. Each integration is configurable in the API editor and can be connected together to form multi-step workflows.
The next integrations we need are:
Database Integrations
Amazon S3
Amazon DynamoDB
Amazon Redshift
Google Sheets
API Integrations

About Cprime Studios

Cprime Studios is the software product development division of Cprime. We help development teams, who want to turn ideas into reality, embrace new approaches from the design of the software product, to development, infrastructure, and scaling.
Cprime, is a global consulting firm helping transforming businesses get in sync. Cprime is the partner of choice for Fortune 100 companies looking to achieve value and agility through their digital transformations.

Our goal is to focus on your software product's unique requirements, enable teams to learn and integrate the latest tools and languages, and work with your people to develop long-lasting products. Our expertise ranges from working in industries such as automotive, healthcare, fintech, logistics, ecommerce, and more.

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Job posted on 7 September 2021
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