- Minimum 1 year of software testing experience;
- Strong theoretical knowledge base in software testing;
- Understanding of software development lifecycle, and process for quality assurance;

What We're Looking For
- Minimum 1 year of software testing experience;
- Strong theoretical knowledge base in software testing;
- Understanding of software development lifecycle, and process for quality assurance;
- Practical experience in testing of web-based applications;
- Experience in analyzing the requirements, creation, and execution of test cases and reporting of test results;
- Experience with bug tracking systems, as well as with bug reports creation and verification;
- Experience with UNIX/Linux (Linux-based operating systems)
- Strong understanding of working client-server applications;
- Understanding of HTML, CSS, XML, JSON;
- Attention to details.
- Experience in estimation of separate feature/own tasks;
- Quick to learn and having excellent problems solving skills
- Team player.

Good to have
- Experience in different testing tools (POSTman, Filezilla, jMeter, SoapUI etc.);
- Experience with Web debugging tools: Firebug, Chrome Dev Tools
- Experience in writing autotests (testing of web services, services load testing, groovy scripting);
- Experience with version control systems (GIT);
- Experience with telco product
- Basic knowledge of SQL scripting and database structure

What will you be doing
- Work in a QA team to guarantee the quality of the developed the telecom product
- Analyze business requirements and technical documentation
- Write and execute and maintain test cases;
- Report and verify bugs'
- Communicate with team members on a daily basis;
- Pass user acceptance testing

About company
PortaOne is a software developer for communication service providers. We help telcos develop and provide new communication services in places where they didn’t exist before or were inaccessible due to cost. Our products are a unique combination of commercial software (high-quality support, detailed documentation, etc.) while completely open to customers (open-source code, specific tools to support client-created modifications). If using a metaphor, we provide reliable hi-tech vans for communications industries’ Wild West pioneers.
The company was founded in 2001 — and now our staff consists of nearly 250 people. We have 480+ clients in more than 90 countries on all five continents. The demand for our products has been growing for over two decades, and the pandemic even boosted it. So if you look for a challenging job with a highly demanded product and a stable income, PortaOne is the right place!

About PortaOne

Where we came from. Started in 1997 as the in-house billing software project for a leading European ISP. Later on a group of people spun off to form PortaOne, Inc. and focus on VoIP software products exclusively. Things has changed drastically since than and VoIP is the only part (though still significant) which is covered by PortaSwitch (our flagship product).

What we do. Basically we do billing and softswitch. However for different service providers those may have different meanings and combinations: B/OSS, OCS, IP PBX, VoIP softswitch class 4/5, etc.

Why people opt for PortaOne's solutions. The majority of customers are independent service providers, and their main tool for competing with larger incumbent telco operators is the ability to provide the functionalities that end-users want faster than anybody else on the market. What makes it possible is our commitment to quality and our ability to provide a product which constantly evolves and adapts to changes.

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Job posted on 6 September 2021
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