An Admin Manager will have the full responsibility for coordinating Finance, Tax, Legal, Building management & security, and IT equipment related matters in the Ukrainian office. They will also be the nominated director for the company.

Purpose of the position:

An Administration Manager will have the full responsibility for coordinating Finance, Tax, Legal, Building management & security, and IT equipment related matters in the Ukrainian office.

An Administration Manager will also be the nominated director for the company. They will be responsible for keeping the company in a good standing. They will be the office legal representative to conduct relationships with any external party.

Responsibility and authority:
- Main responsibilities:
- Has the responsibility to create budget, execute payments, and work with the Accountant to keep correct records (receipt management).
- Has the responsibility to submit the tax and financial reporting and other law mandated reports as required by the Ukrainian government.
- Has the responsibility to maintain company legal records up-to-date and well-kept.
- Has the responsibility to manage the Building and the facilities and assets within, i.e keeping scheduled maintenance and source for replacement or new procurement.
- Has the responsibility to maintain the security of the office Building and the facilities and assets within.
- Has the responsibility to investigate on suppliers for IT Equipments and other purchases that are required by Product and ES Department (budget approval).
- Has the responsibility to maintain great communication with other teams in the Ukrainian office, the Headquarters and other relevant departments in other offices.
- Has the responsibility of identifying new regulations that could affect the company and communicating that with relevant stakeholders.
- Has the authority to review the feedback coming in from an employee and implement changes that are relevant

Main tasks:
- Communicate and report monthly budget and financial report with the Finance Manager in the Danish office
- Execute payments, communicate and report expenses and receipt keeping with the Accounting staff
- Monthly check in with Finance Manager where you go over Financial and Tax matters
- Communicate with CEO when you have Legal & Building matters to discuss
- Order various office supplies & keep track of them

Essentials references/contacts and collaborations:
- Sparring with Head of Product about relevant matter that needs to be purchased or maintained
- Collaborate with the Finance Manager to get budget approval
- Collaborate with the CEO/EA to maintain company legal standing
- Collaborate with the Office Managers in Denmark, Peru, and Indonesia
- Collaborate with the Employee Success
- Collaborate with the EA to discuss any relevant matter regarding Facilities and other office management matters

Professional qualifications, competencies, and education (relevant for the position):
- Growth mindset
- Basic knowledge of finance and accounting
- Experienced in general administrative tasks
- Good knowledge of local authorities and procedures of managing LLP
- Upper-intermediate verbal and written English
- Eager to learn regulations in that support the company in general

We believe this will be a full-time position, but it will start out part-time around 20 hours a week.

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Job posted on 2 September 2021
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