We are looking for a creative and ambitious content manager to join our team. You will work closely with the company CEO, marketing, and sales teams to create engaging stories and copy and extend the reach of our content through various communication channels.

• Develop a content strategy that aligns with marketing targets both long-term and short-term
• Create unique in-brand content and copy (landing pages, case studies, blog posts, etc.)
• Research possible topics and creative ideas for articles
• Repurpose content to fit the publishing media, video production, or social media
• Collaborate with marketing and design teams to plan and develop site content, style, and layout
• Work with designers and marketing teams to plan and create marketing materials
• Ensure consistency of brand voice, style, and tone across all content.
• Update content to ensure that it’s current
• Optimize content according to SEO
• Write video scripts

• Has 2-3 years of working experience in content marketing within a software development company
• Has a well-structured way of thinking and research skills
• Possess a strong content creation and writing background
• Has excellent writing skills in English
• Great researcher
• Is organized and can deliver high-quality work within agreed timelines
• Is a creative thinker and has excellent attention to detail
• Has basic technical knowledge of HTML and web publishing
• Knows SEO and web traffic metrics

• Regular practice of written and spoken English
• Full-time position with work in the office (Kharkiv, metro Naukova) or remotely
• Work-life balance
• Mac hardware

About CXDojo

CXDojo is a digital product design and development company. We help small and large product teams uncover opportunities, bring and evolve new digital products to market.

The company name consists of two parts: CX and DOJO. «CX» stands for customer experience. «DOJO» displays close to the Japanese product development school approach, the place for personal inspiration and improvement, both for employees and for clients.

Our key activities:
➔ software development
➔ architecture development
➔ tech and product consulting
➔ UI/UX design
➔ cloud computing
➔ customer experience consulting

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