We are looking for a Senior Talent Sourcer. Yes, it’s not a joke. Sourcing itself is a complicated and significant function that requires crazy ones, who are ready to focus on this area, dig deeper, try thousands of new approaches, and in the end, work smarter, not harder.

At Reface, being a Talent Sourcer means that you will
👉Collaborate with the Recruiters and Hiring Managers to set sourcing strategy. Talking and interacting is always good, we adore that, but what is even more important is implementing and making all those nice ideas happen.

👉Create and maintain an existing pool of candidates and develop talent pipelines for future hiring needs. Everything changes, but our desire to find good engineers is constant.

👉Take care of our ATS system so it’s easy to collect data, prepare reports or conduct social campaigns. By the way, we use Breezy and TalentScan as the main tools.

👉Search for new sourcing channels. Explore new approaches. Try, fail, succeed, repeat.

👉Follow a data-driven approach for each and every decision. I trust you, but show me the numbers😉

👉Suggest improvements. Optimize everything that can be optimized. Predict risks, not extinguish fires all the time.

What you should have
• Previous experience in a similar role 2+ years. You can be damn talented, but sometimes it’s just a matter of time to grasp the meaning.

• Hands-on experience with talent sourcing techniques(e.g. Boolean search logic/deep web sourcing). The best scenario is you teaching us something new. No worries, we are capable learners.

• Writing skills. There is nothing in the world sadder than boring texts. Life is too short for that.

• Leadership skills, specifically coaching. We are quite demanding. It’s not enough for you to know what to do and how to do it, now it is about how you can explain and help other members of your team. If there is no cohesion, it worths nothing.

• Curiosity. You read a lot of materials, reviews and are aware of what’s going on with the market now, as well as can predict trends.

• Persistence. Results of your work are not always clear and obvious. In most cases, we only see the tip of the iceberg and it takes a lot of tenacity to proceed.

• English, it goes without saying.

What you get
There’s a lot to say, but let’s focus on the 3 main things:

Resources and space to do cool things, just dare to embrace your whole potential! You can always get bogged down in a routine, but do you always have an opportunity to make a mistake, try something new and learn from it?
Being a top-performer is a delightful feeling, but after a while, emotions subside. It’s inevitable. Here we are aiming higher right from the beginning. Our aim is not just one personal story, we are about to build a sourcing system, an approach that will work and scale.
Last, but not least is the company itself. People, who work in Reface, an employer brand that actually helps you, our values. It makes this mountain worth climbing.

About Reface

Reface is a groundbreaking AI/ML startup shifting from THE face-swapping app to a platform. The social platform for personalized content creation and unlimited self-expression of the future. Let’s do this together ;)

Snoop Dogg, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, and a bunch of your friends have already tried Reface behind your back! Meanwhile, we are backed by the Andreessen Horowitz venture fund, the top AI/ML minds, and a team of talented, daring people doing it for love, glory, and cutting-edge tech

Reface app:
— won Вest of 2020 (Google Play)
— ranked #1 on the US App Store
— hit Top Charts in 100+ countries
— 100M installs in 14 months

And now we are working on something completely different that will change the whole concept of content making and consuming!

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Job posted on 31 August 2021
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