AgileWalls makes it easy to build an Obeya. An Obeya is a (virtual) room where all important information is shown as posters on the wall. People come into this room to for sustainable and inclusive decision making based on data.

AgileWalls builds physical walls, but due to the covid situation, they now offer a digital tool to build this walls. This tool is a Miro Plugin. Miro is an online whiteboard tool that can be extended with additional functionality using plugins.

This particular plugin allows you to drag & drop their modular AgileWalls onto the Miro whiteboard, so managers, agile coaches, etc can easily build their virtual obeya.

one medior front-end web-developer (3-5 years experience), comfortable using vue.js
Technical Info
- Vue.js web-application
- Firebase Realtime Database
- Firebase Authentication
- Firebase Functions
- Wordpress plugin (PHP) for integration with their webshop (WooCommerce)

About IT Master Soft

IT Master is a professional web development company with over 9 years of experience. Our history of collaboration with clients from Western Europe, USA gives us great pride in satisfying all needs of the most demanding customers. We offer all services, which are connected with site development from planning, designing and making-up to off-site modules and add-ins development.

IT Master range of services:
Web Development
Website Support & Management
Mobile Application Development

Our dedicated team is a community of unique time-proven experts united by a common goal: creation of modern, effective applications that enhance our customer's business. Thanks to our team we are able to deliver outstanding results.

If you are ready to grow personally and professionally do not hesitate to join our team!

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