We are excited to invite a Fraud Prevention Analyst with a technical background to apply for the role in our Integration Department.

The Fraud Prevention Analyst’s function at Playson is to be responsible for both - development of analytical tools and the daily analysis of financial indicators.

To succeed in the advertised role, you have:
✅ To know SQL
✅ Have skills in Python or any script language
✅ Be familiar with ETL tools
✅ Be familiar with Kibana, Redash
✅ Ability to analyze a business process and identify vulnerabilities
✅ Ability to work with data - a full cycle from loading to reporting
✅ To understand SDLC
✅ To interact with a large number of different teams, set tasks for them, and monitor the implementation
✅ At least intermediate level of proper written and oral English

Would be beneficial to know:
➕ Knowledge of the iGaming industry
➕ Previous experience in the relevant position
➕ Understanding of API protocols

The importance of the role is in:
💥 Daily fraud monitoring of the transaction flow with all the ensuing preventive and post-processing
💥 Interaction with other divisions of the company aimed at detecting fraud on the part of customers and partners
💥 Research, analysis, finding patterns and anomalies, improving mechanisms for detecting fraudulent transactions

What you get in return:
🏆 Competitive salary fixed in USD with yearly performance reviews
🏆 Transparent bonus system on a quarterly basis
🏆 Private Entrepreneur formalization
🏆 Full taxation coverage from the company’s side
🏆 Flexibility in your schedule (you decide when it is convenient for you to come to the office as long as it does not cripple down our development plans)
🏆 Remote Work
🏆 Full Medical Insurance for you and your +1
🏆 Special Life Event financial support
🏆 Unlimited paid vacation leave and Ukrainian bank holidays
🏆 Unlimited paid sick leave in case of necessity
🏆 Development courses/training reimbursement
🏆 Online Corporate English classes
🏆 Corporate team-building events, corporate parties
🏆 Employee Referral bonus program
🏆 Opportunity to visit our corporate gym
🏆 In case you want to show up in the office, the kitchen as it should be: unlimited fruits, fresh vegetables, snacks, tea, and coffee in the office with soul and spirit ❤️

If the job description rings a bell — take an action and apply! Looking forward to welcoming you to the iGaming world! 🤘

About Playson

🤘Playson is a leading online gaming supplier, founded in 2012, which has developed worldwide recognition in the industry. We offer complete gaming solutions based on the latest technologies and detailed market analysis for the leading iGaming operators.

As of 2021, we are continuously working on enhancing our portfolio, encompassing best practices in order to meet the highest standards of technology, design, support and interoperability.

Our team of like-minded people operates and believes in our core values, which guide us through:

🧬 Put People First. People are above everything
We believe in creating a caring atmosphere for Playson community. Transparency, tolerance and mutual support are things that help us reach the highest level of communication, trust and loyalty
🧬 Be accountable. Maturity in DNA
We have no space for micromanagement, instead — high level of accountability. Every Playsoner is a self-starter, who acts mindfully, respectively and functions as a productive member of the team. We believe in a win-win environment and act accordingly.
🧬 Embrace the change. Growth is in agility
There is no growth without adaptability to the dynamic tech world. This translates through innovation and the latest technologies we are welcoming in Playson. With all this, not only we grow as a company, but also each and every individual is supplied with a challenging environment which helps to expand professional expertise.
🧬 Bring meaningful value. Practice creativity and deliver results
Every Playsoner can measure personal influence on a product and company via strategy, precise personal goals and OKR system. Our decisions are guided by evidence and data. We deliver products to the market with passion and hunger for success.

Playsoners hit and reach their targets from Kyiv and Malta offices as well as other EU countries on remote basis. We do not limit ourselves and always seeking better solutions.

Our team of TOP market experts would be happy to have you with us and conquer together. Challenge yourself and join us!

Covid-19 times vs Playson
As an Agile Company, we were amongst the first ones in Ukraine to have transferred to remote work in mid-March 2020. Thanks to flawless communication and Scrum processes, we managed to maintain and even increase our productivity whilst working remotely - and we are super proud of that. 💪

What does it mean for newcomers in Playson?
🔹We hire employees for full-time remote work from all over Ukraine.
🔹In case you decide to work remotely forever - it is totally fine with us.
🔹In case you decide to work in our office in Kyiv or occasionally visit it- great news! We have renovated and transformed it to a co-working style so that our employees can have a hybrid choice of work-mode ( mixing work at home and in the office just for a change)
🔹During pandemic times we make sure that your first days and weeks in Playson are as convenient as possible:
💻technical equipment is delivered to your home address wherever you are in Ukraine
🖥adaptation and onboarding on an immaculate level will make no difference in joining the company remotely.

Ambitious goals request the ability to quickly maneuver through changes in the world. Playson is all about that. Join us today!

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Job posted on 19 July 2021
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