Our company has a platform which allows eCommerce agencies to manage their online advertising and reporting.

The focus of this position will be partially between automating advertising management and generating reports.

Remote. Part-time - 20h/week but potential to become full-time.

Person will be responsible for implementation of new features, refining existing processes, bug fixes. So, a fair amount of front end CRUD type things for user interaction, displaying data in charts/reports. Backend will be primarily in automated processes regarding either generating reports or analyzing online advertising performance and making campaign adjustments accordingly

Required experience (skills):
~ Laravel Framework 4+ years experience
~ PHP 4+ years experience
~ Vanilla JavaScript/HTML/CSS 4+ years experience
~ English - Upper Intermediate - required read, write and communicate

Advanced CSS/HTML design skills
Headless browser automation
ElasticSearch exp
Some understanding of Online Advertising Concepts

Extra bonus:
A ‘Startup’ mentality with a mind towards business development and growth.

To be in the best fit for this project you need:
~ capable of being self-directed
~ doesn’t need micromanaging
~ thoroughness over speed
~ making things good > making things perfect. No one needs/wants perfect.
~ be very patient with working with less-than-ideal code

Part-time. Timetable 20 hours per week but potential to become full-time.

+ This job position is totally remote - you can work from any place in the world.
+ Complete freedom of working hours. Early riser? Great. Night owl? Great.
+ Some opportunity to work on entirely fresh codebases from scratch and not working with legacy code.
+ Measured by the quality of work you provide, not by the length of time that it takes you to provide it.
+ Additional bonus - Boss with a sense of humor.

This position will require you to fulfill the test assignment.

If you are interested, please write in cover letter answers to the following questions:
1) What is your favorite kind of coding work?
2) What coding tasks do you HATE with a passion?
3) What coding framework/style/technology are you embarrassed that you don’t know more about? It’s okay to share, promise.

About Iteksas


What we are doing?

We are doing competitive analysis and making surveys for your potential customers to create user personas and validate assumptions.

We are helping to organize structure and priority of the features that needed for your MVP.

We are working with you to build wireframes of your future MVP.

Our designers are converting wireframes into nice looking designs and building emotional link for your future users.

Development and testing
Our development team is creating your MVP.

We are preparing demo and presenting it to you.

Alpha and beta testing
We are organizing alpha and beta testing to get a feedback and make some of the .

Planning your release and deploying only 100% working product right in time.

We will provide documentation and video sessions if needed for your operations and support teams.

We will create onboarding tours and lower down churn rates.

Experimenting and tracking metrics
We will help tracking only metrics which is matters for your business.

Roadmap planning
Based on metrics we can build high level roadmap you can use for your long term strategy.

Company website:

This job is no longer active.
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