Ищем flutter разработчика на проект мобильного приложения Planning Poker в небольшую команду

Ищем junior-middle разработчика для работы в команде над мобильным приложением Planning (Scrum) poker для проведения планировок для Scrum мастеров. Команда небольшая - 6 человек, из них два разработчика. Проект временный, возможно по окончанию будет предложение перейти к другому продукту, занятость частичная, зп обсуждаема.

Требуется: Flutter, Firebase, Git
Будет плюсом: Jira, понимаю как работать с макетами Figma

Наша команда также работала над приложением Nutis, ссылка на Play Market - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nutis_app.nutis_v11

About Nutis

Nutis - a healthcare mobile app for Android that simplifies calorie-counting and nutrition control processes. In the application, we have basic functions such as diet, adding dishes, drinks, and activities, but we have added lots of new features:

Communication with the trainer is a built-in chat, trainers and patients can even plan training with each other. Now the coach can separate personal messages and work, and users do not need to take screenshots of what he ate per day, how much he trained, and how much he drank, all this information the coach sees.

Customers do not need to look for dozens of options exactly the one they need, ie there are dozens of variations of the same salad, so team Nutis made a simpler system, now the user can add/remove/edit ingredients.

Users can see their progress for any period in the past, even the weight of the certain dish or duration of the training that had been done over a month ago.

Voice control- users don't have to go to categories and look for dishes there, they can just press the microphone button and say what to add.

Advanced built-in tracker: system understands when a person has changed speed and displays it in graphs. It is enough for the user to select a certain period and the application will show the segments on the map where the speed increased or decreased.

If the user has his special recipes, he can create his own dishes/activities/ drinks and use them easily (only the user will see these custom items).

A lot of work has been done on the design, users who have already had the opportunity to see the application said that all the information looks very simple and clear.

Company website:

Job posted on 10 June 2021
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