Привіт! Ми шукаємо BA під новий проект - соціальна мережа з мікросервісною архітектурою. На тебе чекають цікаві завдання, починаючи з вивчення нових систем для інтеграції до проектування сценаріїв взаємодії користувача. Офіс (Харків, м. Наукова) або віддалено.

• Brand-new social networking project for high-competitive market
• Complex project architecture
• Lots of integrations between the developed software and third-party systems (such as payment processors, task management services, and so on)

• Participating in meetings with a business team, eliciting business requirements, helping business experts understand the feasibility of business wishes
• Creating diagrams, mockups, wireframes to facilitate a process of business requirements elicitation
• Exploring analogs and similar systems to understand approaches and used technologies
• Analyzing user flows, designs, mockups according to usability and UX best practices, working with a designer to achieve good consistency of flows and UI elements, etc.
• Exploring third-party services that business decided to integrate with
• Creating user stories, writing acceptance criteria in the established system wording, linking existed system entities with entities in third-party services
• Explaining written user stories and their expected results and outcome to the business team to make sure that stories exactly complement business needs and to form adequate expectations in business teams
• Participating in backlog grooming meetings to help business understand the readiness of user stories in progress for development
• Participating in sprint planning meetings with a scrum team to explain backlog user stories and review team decisions on possible solutions
• Ad-Hoc communications with scrum team members (software engineers, quality assurance engineers) to help understand user story details
• Participating in sprint retrospective meetings and working constantly with improving the BA process in the project

• Experience in business analysis at least one year
• Good understanding of Agile SDLC methodologies and particularly Scrum framework
• Experience in maintaining communication between business and the development team
• Experience in writing technical documentation (user stories), creation system diagrams, wireframes, and prototypes
• Self-sufficiency and self-efficiency

• Understanding of UX best practices and standards
• Good written and spoken English

• Work in a team with senior-level specialists
• Leading position perspective
• Full time position with work in the office (Kharkiv, metro Naukova) or remotely
• Young and active team
• Work-life balance
• Mac hardware

About CXDojo

CXDojo is a digital product design and development company. We help small and large product teams uncover opportunities, bring and evolve new digital products to market.

The company name consists of two parts: CX and DOJO. «CX» stands for customer experience. «DOJO» displays close to the Japanese product development school approach, the place for personal inspiration and improvement, both for employees and for clients.

Our key activities:
➔ software development
➔ architecture development
➔ tech and product consulting
➔ UI/UX design
➔ cloud computing
➔ customer experience consulting

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