Developers Shore is a Swedish IT company headquartered in Stockholm, with a development office in Kyiv. At Developers Shore, we offer Ukrainian software engineers an opportunity to meet, work for, and collaborate with outstanding development teams from Sweden.

Our clinet is building a world-class service for customer-centric communication. They are small, remote-first team (2 devs, 3 UX/UI) that works in short, tight iterations. Much of their communication is done via text (Slack, Github, Linear), but they also have a virtual office where they try to stay in touch. And naturally, they use their product for a lot of our internal communication as well. 😀

What we're looking for
Below is a list of the skills we think will make an individual successful with us. Before we get into the technical list, there are two things that every individual at Vaam has to do.

Share, respect, and try to behave according to our cultural standards. Even if you are a consultant who'll only be with us for a short time, it's crucial to us that you understand and respect our values.
Communicate well, both in written and spoken English.

These are the skills that we're not willing to compromise with.

Knows React outside and in. We use React 17 and make a lot of use of hooks. A candidate should know how to use the built-in hooks and how to write their own when needed.
Have working knowledge of Typescript. You don't have to be an expert, but you need to know how to use Typescript at a basic level.
Is well-versed with Git and a Github workflow.

We hope to find individuals who have all the required skills and check at least some of the boxes below.

Experience with NextJS. We use NextJS 10 to build both our front-end and API.
Experience writing backend services with NodeJS.
Experience working with Chrome extensions.
Experience with Google Firestore Database.
Experience with Google Cloud Functions.

About DevShore

Pure Swedish culture to dive in.

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