US-based company that offers modern powerful B2B SaaS software system worldwide.

About the project:
US-based company that offers modern powerful B2B SaaS software system worldwide.
The developed web application based on HTML5, CSS3, modern JS frameworks (including Ember.js, Vue.js), RoR and PostgreSQL is available for the millions of users on various platforms: Web responsive, iOS and Android.
Besides pure SAAS, the platform and apps built are also integrated to hardware and software. The development team is more than 10 mobile, backend, front-end developers. Majority of the team is in Kyiv.

What we do?
Whether you are a residential building, a hotel, a neighbourhood or an organization hosting residents, you may want to boost and streamline your service offering.
Blackbell is an intuitive online software that lets you easily market your products & services and bring together external suppliers to your own marketplace of services.

Ruby on Rails
Javasript, CSS, HTML
PostrgeSQL, Redis
Nginx, AWS

Company/product strategy and prospects
Further development of the platform

What professional skills we need
Full-stack developer with 2+ years of work experience

What level of English is needed?
Spoken English needed, there will be direct communication with the client.
What personal qualities are valuable for us?
We appreciate self-organized, energetic and open-minded professionals who enjoy the creation of unique applications.
Candidate’s professional level
Strong Middle Engineers

Your obligations

Communication on technical topics with the technically-competent customer
Planning the task pool for the new functions development
Communication with the project team
Managing customer expectations

Why do we have this open position
This is the brand new position, not a substitution, opened due to the expansion of the team.

Growth prospects for this open position

Certainly, we are looking for employees for our clients, but our team always has the opportunity to start a new project for any reason. We try to pick the employees with the same spirit to build a solid team of like-minded people.

What is the number of QA engineers for this project?
We have one manual QA and widely use the TDD approach.

What is the turnover rate of employees for this project?
There’s no turnover, at the moment we choose the first candidates for this project.
When was the project started?
The project was launched in 2017 as a Blackbell project.
What is the project’s current stage?
The service is working. Startup has got millions of investments, please check out the link

Where is the top management located?
London, UK

In what way we are different from others?
We have the opportunity to visit our customers abroad in the US, and Europe
Flexible work schedule that allows you to work remotely
We love our customers, but in case of controversy we always support the side of our team

Why you should join us?
You'll become a part of the international team that creates innovative products
You will get the top level of the compensation package on the market
You will become not only the part of the Blackbell's team but also a friendly team of Syndicode
You will work in a cozy office in the city center
We motivate our experts to speak at conferences and provide different activities in the office
We will provide you with the workplace, and all the needed equipment
Our team is very friendly and we'll be happy if you join

Conditions and requirements
Is there a probationary period and how long does it last?
2 months.
Do you have overtime practice and how is it paid?
It rarely occurs, we control this and discuss overtime with the client as soon as it happened.
What is the work schedule?
The main working hours from 10 am to 6 pm, usually all this time you spend at the office.
Is there an option to work remotely?
It is possible to work from home after a probationary period, usually 2 days a week is enough.
What is the number of vacation days?
The vacation is 15 working days (or 21 calendar days) per year. It's possible to use the vacation after 6 months of work in the company, but we are always flexible and ready to discuss the exceptions.
What is the number of paid sick leave days per year?
While now this option is not officially available, we understand the situation with illnesses and try to consider each case individually.
Is there an option for business trips? Where to?
What is the office design: open space or enclosed space?
Open space, 3 floors of 150 sq.m. with meeting rooms.
When, how and in what currency the salary is paid?
The salary is paid by the 5th day of the current month in US dollars, transferred to the bank account of the individual entrepreneur. We have an accountant and a jurisconsult who provide full support.
Sofiivs'ka St, 1/2а, Kyiv, Independence Square, Ukraine
Starokozatska St, 40, Dnipro, Ukraine

Applying and job interview
Is there a test-task?
Yes, we do have a test-task that approximately takes about 3 hours.
Is the interview on English?
Yes, during the interview you will communicate with the client
Who reviews the CV?
It is reviewed by technical leads and client's side.
How many stages of interview are there? With whom?
The first stage is a video call - the acquaintance with Syndicode that lasts for 15-20 minutes
Second stage is a video call - the interview with BlackBell Service Station
The third stage is a job offer for remote or in-office work

About MedeAnalytics

Привет, меня зовут Ирина, представляю продуктовую компанию
Работаю по-человечески, с душой.
Могу предложить вакансии больше, чем в одной продуктовой и сервисной компании.
Больше обо мне в отзывах в моем Линкедин профиле.

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This job is no longer active.
Смотреть актуальные вакансии Ruby Kyiv→.

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