We are looking for a technical student searching for a remote part-time job in the position of a system administrator.


Visartech Inc. is a development partner with 10+ years’ experience that provides services from initial concepts to custom 3D solutions leveraging cutting-edge technologies to foster our clients to become trendsetting digital enterprises.


⦿ Knowledge of Windows, iOS, Mac, Android ОС.
⦿ Administration of Linux servers.
⦿ Highly responsible and organized.
⦿ Written intermediate English.


⦿ Experience with Google Workspace (G Suite).
⦿ Experience with Bitbucket, JIRA, Confluence.


⦿ Maintain company infrastructure.
⦿ Permissions management (Bitbucket, JIRA, Confluence, 1Password).
⦿ Basic server management (digital ocean, Linux, WordPress, Nginx).
⦿ Services payments (Unity assets, marketing payments).
⦿ Work with office hardware and device management (installation of the operating system).
⦿ Troubleshooting of issues within the infrastructure.
⦿ Support in other related questions.


We want smart people in the team who are able to make decisions by themselves, so you can choose when to work, from what place, when to take paid vacations, and how many.
We truly believe that a successful employee is a successful company, we support you with compensation for attending various courses and certifications. We have challenging projects and people to learn from.
At our Visartech family, we have a tradition to celebrate birthdays and other holidays together. We won’t judge you for mistakes, and we care about your working environment.


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About Visartech

Visartech Inc. is an IT services agency & game production studio that acts as a reliable technology partner who can back up businesses with tech consulting and full cycle game & software development services. From tech advisory to custom game, web and mobile app development, IT infrastructure engineering to cloud solutions integration, and further product support is a comprehensive range of our experience.

We partner with all-sized businesses around the globe - USA, UK, Switzerland, Germany, etc. Our deep expertise in bringing bespoke digital solutions for a diverse range of industries including education, healthcare, real estate, sports, retail, etc. helps our clients to dominate the market and drive business results.

There are four core values that define who we are:

⦿ Trust: Genuine and transparent acts build trust. Mutual confidence leads to long-term collaboration both internally within the team and externally with our business partners.
⦿ Innovation: Creativity underpins non-trivial solutions. Traditional methods are simply well-designed scripts of success. We persistently seek to redefine the standard of excellence in each particular case.
⦿ Passion: Passion adds value, raises engagement, guarantees excellence and satisfaction. It has the power to transform, convince and commit pursuing high performance. Being inspired by what we do and the outcomes, we are driven to new accomplishments therefore we flourish!
⦿ Growth: Constant desire to grow personally and professionally is in our DNA. It motivates us to create excellent products bringing success to our business partners and therefore changing the world for the better.

We maintain 4 development directions:

⦿ Interactive Apps (full-cycle 3D App Development for web, mobile, standalone & Interactive features for existing Apps).
⦿ XR (AR/VR/MR content & Apps).
⦿ Software Products (Web, Mobile & Desktop Apps, Backend & API).
⦿ Video Games (from Game Design to Full-cycle Game Development).
⦿ Cloud Solutions & Services
⦿ Technology Consulting

We deliver excellence by blending innovative technologies, art and fun.

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