For the expansion of our remote team we are looking for
several Unity developers
- Unity3D (2019+) and C#
- English (fluent, if possible also "software English")
- Animation logic & procedural animations (IK, Ragdoll, Soft-Body, etc.)
- User interfaces for different devices (3D/VR/AR)

Possible tasks (depending on your interest and suitability):

- Animation logic & procedural animations (IK, Ragdoll, Soft-Body, etc.)
- Lifelike, complex character behavior (virtual personalities)
- Solving difficult Unity challenges and exploring new paths
- Usage of the latest Unity technologies (e.g. Ray-Tracing, DOTS, Jobs-System, etc.)
- Voice control, dialog system and player-character-interactions
- Character individualization (geometry, blendshapes, hairstyles, clothing, etc.)
- Game logic, level design, tutorial and story implementations
- VR/AR developments (navigation/control, Oculus Quest Hand Tracking, etc.)
- User interfaces for different devices (3D/VR/AR)
- Interface to 3D graphics, performance optimization, testing

Your skills/experiences:


- Unity3D (2019+) and C#
- Depending on possible tasks above the corresponding experience
- Passion for game development
- English (fluent, if possible also "software English")
- Problem-solving oriented, proactive and self-organized
- Ambitious and motivated
- Strong communication skills with external team members
- Organizational talent, conscientiousness and quality awareness
- Experience in software development
- Startup mentality
- Russian/Ukrainian/Belarusian/German

The advantages of our job offer:

- Leading position in a rapidly growing company with big goals
- Varied work with a lot of personal responsibility and decision participation
- Strong appreciation of your performance and great influence on product development
- Acquire highly sought-after skills and experience (focus on future technologies)
- Insights into state-of-the-art technologies and testing of state-of-the-art approaches
- We are a promising pioneer in gaming and avatar
- Our high market potential allows rapid salary increases
- Very flexible working hours and remote working (part-time working also possible)

About Vitasoft

Компанія Vitasoft прагне співпрацювати з нашими клієнтами, щоб максимально ефективно вирішувати свої бізнес-запити за допомогою технологічних рішень. Ми дбаємо про кінцевий результат і завжди прагнемо забезпечити продуктивні довгострокові ділові відносини.

Експертне керівництво вашими проектами
Економія часу, ресурсів та грошей.
Створення нескінченних можливості для бізнесу!
Ми розуміємо потреби наших клієнтів. Ми швидко розвиваємося, щоб перевершити очікування наших клієнтів. Приєднуйтесь до списку наших задоволених клієнтів!

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DOU company page:

Job posted on 24 April 2021
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