We are looking for a Customer Care / Support Manager to join our team. We are a well established 2 years old company that serves over 70K users globally. Our team is mainly build of Eastern European experts. Our core services are staking, exchange, running nodes and validators and more.

1. Working and managing customer support via tool such as Zohodesk
2. Preparing knowledge base for customers and internal use
3. Working with customers, answering their issues, problems.
4. Distributing tasks/tickets effectively to Support Specialists
5. Raising, analyzing, managing various problems and solving them quickly (via chat / jira tickets)
6. Providing customer service and moderation via Discord, Telegram & other social media channels
7. Working with managers of other departments (AML/KYC, Technical Support, Transactional Support)
8. Managing tickets flow on Support.
9. Preparing dashboards and monitoring progress of customer satisfaction.

1. Mandatory crytpo knowledge
2. People management
3. Proficient in English language

1. Precision in execution
2. Diligence
3. Trustworthiness
4. Managerial skills to manage few specialists that work on support
5. Good communication skills
6. Patience
7. Empathy

The most suitable candidates would be the ones that wish to work with us long term, get dedicated to the project and as a result be a part of company and have equity/stake in it.

About MyCointainer

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Simple solution for everyone. Choose your favourite cryptocurrency assets, transfer coins to our staking wallet and profit off them. Anytime, anywhere.

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This job is no longer active.
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