Become a part of the design team where you'll work on mobile applications and membership platforms for football clubs from all over the world.


I'm Patrik, the co-founder & CEO of Forza Football and Forza FC. Forza Football grew organically from 0 to 20 million downloads. Forza FC got 500K downloads in 2 days.

I have become obsessed with creating apps with great retention and engagement. The person I admire the most in terms of product development is Jiro Ono. He is a product development hero. He works with four ingredients and creates a product that's worth making a trip to experience and the retention is so high that he can't keep up with the demand. That's truly great product design. I'm so inspired by him that I even got a tattoo of him.

Me (product owner of Forza FC), Sasha our product designer and David product owner of Forza Football are about to form a new product team over at Forza Football / Forza FC.

And we are looking for one or two new members. You can apply as a duo if you wish.

You will have the opportunity to work with apps that impact millions of football fans all over the world. Forza FC have 150K Daily Active Users and Forza Football has about 1,5M daily active users. But we aim higher, much, much higher. I think both products have a potential of reaching hundreds of millions of users with the right execution.

We have a clear product vision for both products but now start the most important work, execution. Strategy is Kking but execution is King Kong.

However this is NOT just another design team. We are very different and most people will not like it. It's chaos but in a good way. But you need to like chaos. We work more as a growth team than a regular design team. We believe in MVPs, we believe in fast iterations, we believe in our vision in 100%. That doesn't mean we don't believe in truly great design, however we know that we need to learn fast and then every single view can't be pixel perfect.


- Obsession with product design
- Understanding the basics of growth
- Interest in football is a plus but not a must
- No prestige
- Being able to work with a CEO who is also product owner
- Prepared to work hard, like really hard.


- Create really, really innovative products. We made the first onboarding 2012, before onboarding was even a term within apps. We created a truly amazing onboarding for Forza FC which performs 5x better than our competitors
- You will work in the intersection between data, research and design which I believe is the designer of the future
- Have the possibility to join a growth journey that very few people in the world have or ever will experience
- You will learn more here than any other workplace, just ask my former coworkers (PS: They get really great jobs after Forza ds.)
- A great network of mentors and advisors
- Being able to become shareholder
- Travel all around the world, I personally live half of the year in Brazil and we have traveled to Ukraine, Turkey, Sweden and Georgia


You can be product Design lead, UX designer, UI designer, user researcher, product owner or data analysts who loves product design. Regarding titles we can give you whatever title that floats your boat. 🚣‍♀️

WHAT? WHY? Aren't you looking for a UX designer with 3 years of experience in Photoshop, 12 years experience in Figma and 3,75 years in Sketch?

Fuck no.

For us a product team is like putting together a football team, a band or an orchestra. It's less about skills on paper and more about a state of mind, do we feel that we can work with you? Do we have fun working together? Do we love the same products?

The interview process will be all about creating products with us. Some product jamming.

Feel free to reach out.

Patrik Arnesson

About ForzaFC

Forza FC is a team of 20 people from different countries, passionately crafting solutions using modern technologies to reinvent football club membership by enhancing the value for the club and the fans.

We are working with leading clubs and organizations in the football industry to develop a digital membership platform that delivers next-level experience to fans whilst enabling clubs to establish new and increase existing revenue streams.

Our clients include Arsenal, Brøndby IF, Olympique Lyonnais, Tigres UANL, Kerala Blasters FC, Galatasaray, and Club Atlético River Plate with over half a million active users

Company website:

Job posted on 29 March 2021
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