We are looking for a top-notch Product Engineer whose goal is to provide leadership to the engineering team by leading the ideation, technical development and launch of products. If you have passion for excellence, a creative mindset and good collaboration skills, we want you in our team.

We are building an API platform for the US residential mortgage industry that connects banks, government agencies and services companies with a modern, digital infrastructure to reduce the time and cost it takes to originate a mortgage from 45 days, many humans and $10,000, to 1 day, zero humans and $665.

We aggregate, normalize, and transform existing data and services into mortgage-focused API products. The APIs enable existing lenders, Loan Origination Systems, and other mortgage players (e.g., startups) to leverage best-in-class data sources and capabilities through a set of clean, modern APIs that integrate seamlessly into existing technology systems.

Ambition: We want to do big things and have an out-sized effect on our customers and entire industries.
Problem ownership: Find it, frame it, solve it, and teach it.
Bar raising: Establishing clear expectations is a necessary step but not sufficient. We’re all about finding ways to push beyond expectations. Each of us must raise the bar for all of us.
Goal orientation: Our journey is important, of course. But we’re not satisfied with or distracted by the journey; we’re focused on our shared outcomes.
Relentless optimism: We want to surround ourselves with people who see the glass half-full, people who think in terms of possibilities.
All in: Making mistakes is necessary for innovation. But we want to be sure we maximize effort, creativity and collaboration.
Technical: Our hobby is coding, our favorite destination is hackathons, and we binge-watch Coursera.
Communication: Writing and talking about code is the major part of our day.
Understanding the code and any language supported by AWS Lambda: Java, Angular, Python, Node.js, C#/.Net Core 3.1.
Refine the backlog with input from stakeholders you’ll build, edit, and maintain the team backlog.
Set objectives leverage both user research and product insight to determine functionality and priority.
Lead the development of measurement tools measure release readiness across the organization from massive amounts of data.
Elaborate stories just-in-time while any team member can write stories and acceptance criteria, you maintain the story flow. It’s usually good to be ahead- a forward thinker.
Support acceptance test-driven development participate in the development of story acceptance criteria. You’re the only team member who can accept work as done.
Understand enabler work understand the scope of the upcoming technical work and collaborate with our engineers to assist with decision-making and sequencing of the critical technological infrastructures that will host the new business functionality.
Participate & lead team ceremonies as the person responsible for requirements, you’re essential to team demos, reviewing and accepting stories. You’ll also participate in the iteration retrospective, where the teams gather to improve their processes.
Identify & communicate larger purpose keep in mind the big picture when delivering daily and weekly goals. Be able to motivate the team and articulate the larger purpose and prioritization to stakeholders.
Communicate to stakeholders be fluent in communicating to company leaders, customers and users on how your product works, how it will work and what pains you’re solving.
Bachelor’s Degree (technical major preferred)
Years of experience in Product Management of SaaS / B2B products
Shipped a new product with no precedent and grew to large scale user base
Accountable for customer success and discovery to identify key features
Capable of managing multiple projects without compromising results
Deep understanding of experimentation, including how to properly structure an experiment,
Knowing permissible conclusion, determining when to experiment, and how to properly measure
Deep privacy experience in a large organization where privacy is at the core of the success.
Experience working with partners on data sharing and privacy and setting up and managing privacy approval processes
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
Opportunity to work with people who are at the top of their field
Career growth
Collaborative learning environment
Working in teams with global IT experts
Working on enterprise level applications

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