Looking for a back-end web developer:

An active, experienced and motivated individual to fulfill the position in our company.

We have a major project on the plate right now: developing a new web application (system) from scratch.

As the developer of this project you are expected to:

Demonstrate willingness to learn and to professionally grow.
Actively participate in the project development.
Demonstrate high quality coding style to support our goal of creating the new reliable, scalable and stable system.
Your main duty will be back-end development and your expertise will be needed during the system development and release stages.

If you have any experience in front-end development, this is a plus and is welcome.

Technical requirements: PHP 7, SQL, JS, HTML/CSS

What we offer:

Compensation in USD,

Highly professional result-oriented environment,

New development project where you can apply and expand your skills fully,

Stable growing company, 20+ years on the market,

Comfortable office, 2 minutes walk from subway Osokorki

About WorkTime

NesterSoft Inc, компания на рынке более 20 лет, инкорпорирована в Кaнаде в 2008 г. Офисы компании находятся в Торонто (Канада) и Киеве (Украина). Компания занимается разработкой и продажей программного обеспечения для бизнеса.

Главный продукт — WorkTime. Клиенты в США, Европе, Австралии, Индии. Мы создали и развиваем программу, которая помогает крупному, среднему и малому бизнесу экономить время и деньги, отслеживая эффективность работы сотрудников как в офисе, так и на удалённых рабочих местах.

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This job is no longer active.
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