Importance of skills of the developers:
Backend Technologies:
- Node.js, Meteor, MongoDB, Microservices, Message Queues
Frontend Technologies:
- ReactJS, Pub/sub, Realtime updates

Main Expertise Requested

Level of candidate, experience
Middle+, 3+

Importance of skills of the developers:
Backend Technologies:
- Node.js, Meteor, MongoDB, Microservices, Message Queues
Frontend Technologies:
- ReactJS, Pub/sub, Realtime updates

Skills and Qualifications:
- You have a strong proficiency in JavaScript and good knowledge of Node.js and its core principles;
- Knowledge of Node.js and frameworks available for it, experience with
Meteor is a plus;
- Experience in using NoSQL databases, experience with MongoDB is a plus;
- Basic knowledge of system architecture principles and design patterns
needed to develop a stable, efficient and flexible application;
- Understanding the nature of asynchronous programming and its quirks
and workarounds;
- Experience in implementing unit tests;
- Know how to work in a self-organized team, split and estimate tasks,
keep yourself and teammates motivated to reach team deadlines;
- Good command of English

- You will be laying the foundations of our backend applications from
- Provide knowledge and expertise in architectural discussions;
- Design, implement and test reusable, testable, and efficient code;
- Work in a self-organized team; You split, estimate, and plan tasks, keep
your team members up to date on your progress.

Product introduction brief
Our client's companies are sister companies that create and offer one of the best-unified communication platforms to service providers across Europe. Although they have this great platform, they are missing a product to help their resellers with billing and service provisioning. They are now setting up a new small team in Kyiv to fix that. Their first goal is to create a portal that enables both them and their resellers to effectively invoice their customers. Sounds simple, but alas, in the world of telecom nothing is as simple as it sounds. It means dealing with a multitude of data sources, loads of different pricing plans that may or may not override each other, discount plans, minute bundles, reseller, and dealer levels. All of this has to come together in a billing portal that follows UI design motto: not just beautiful but also very easy to use.
Their second goal will be to expand the portal with service provisioning. This includes integrating provisioning for the platform: ordering licenses, setting up sim cards, arranging number portings etcetera. The project offers a multitude of other SaaS services that all need to be integrated into this same portal.
Of course, the project will not stop there. Our client has many more wishes on where they would like to go with the product, but they have to start somewhere.

About our client
He has 2 companies that were founded in 2013.
The 1-st company has offices in Amsterdam, Switzerland, Germany, and Ukraine. Ukraine’s own development team has built a completely new cloud communication platform. Using the latest internet and cloud technologies, the team has built a scalable and secure system, focusing mainly on user experience. Combining this specialized in-house development team with its own platform – which operates completely GEO redundant via a variety of European datacenters – continuously ensures innovation and technical stability. This enables service providers to focus on their customers instead of technology.
The 2-nd company is a distributor of telecom and communication services in the Netherlands. They are a one-stop-shop for resellers, providing them with all the tools to quickly and effectively sell communication solutions. The
services that allow its resellers to sell include Kwebbl’s Cloud Communication platform, Counterpath Bria, CloudCC CTI, and Internet Connections.

Customer country

About Orange Sputnik

Orange Sputnik Company was founded in 2013, as a world-wide software engineering service company and proven staffing provider headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria and Nearshore Dedicated Development Center in Kyiv, Ukraine

We are IT Staffing and IT Consulting Services Company that provides expertise in technological research for startups needs to deliver most relevant IT developers.

Our goal is to create dedicated teams for our clients to build own software that implement their digital ideas.

Our mission to create long-term relationships providing trust and transparent cooperation with our clients.

Company website:

Job posted on 18 February 2021
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