If you're a Software Engineer (with PHP) looking for your first job, here’s your opportunity to get started.

You’ll be involved in an exciting project. We’re sure you’ve been into quick-service restaurants (QSR) such as McDonald's and Burger King. You’ve seen how much is displayed on big screens. One of the most noticeable features is the digital menu board (DMB). This is a set of screens installed above the cashiers’ heads and shows the whole menu and other information.

We can offer you a unique opportunity to work with one of the major QSR brands to develop the contents of such DMBs. The content there is modified quite often - all promotions and national events need to be reflected there. The configuration of the screens (the size and number of them) varies from one location to another. Some content contains animations, video that must be synced across several monitors and other interesting and unique tasks.

This is challenging work. You will learn how to work on converting a graphical designer's vision into a tool seen by millions of people across tens of countries.

You will become a part of an international team that develops content for these menu boards, as well as other features.

As a member of a team on this project, you will:
- Use PHP, HTML, CSS, Linux, and Shell Scripting to develop assigned products;
- Design, customize, develop, modify, test, debug and support software applications or Digital Menu Board (DMB) Content, DMB Software;
- Analyze clients’ requirements and gather information to ascertain user needs;
- Work with clients’ technical staff to research, and analyze requirements for high priority requirements and fixes;
- Communicate with team members on various work streams for the lifecycle of the development of assigned projects.

Required skills:
- Basic PHP knowledge: arrays, cycles, functions, data types, OOP, static functions/fields (you could be a fresh PHP course graduate);
- Good knowledge of HTML/CSS;
- Basic web design skills for creating quality visuals;
- VCS (git, etc.);
- At least pre-intermediate English;
- Accuracy and attention to detail;
- Ability to follow rules and instructions precisely;
- Common sense.

Desired skills:
- Bash programming skills;
- Experience work with Adobe products (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc.);
- Virtualization or Containerisation experience (Virtual Box, Docker)
Laravel PHP Framework.

- 18-20 paid time off days per year;
- 5 absence due to illness days and 21 day of extraordinary medical leave per year;
- Medical Insurance and Healthcare Kit;
- Extensive corporate professional training programs, workshops, ESL and conferences;
- Team buildings, corporate parties and Dev.Pro Hangouts;
- Relocation package;
- Visa support.

About Dev.Pro

Dev.Pro is a US-based outsource software development company with 9+ years’ experience. A
high level of technical knowledge (25% of our developers are Senior) as well as communication
and visibility are Dev-Pro’s key distinguishing features.

Dev.Pro has experience working with projects of various size and complexity, from innovative
startups to market leaders, due to its established infrastructure and flexible management. We
have expertise in Point of Sale, Exchange market, SaaS, CRM development and integrations
(Salesforce, Dynamics), Big Data, social networks of various types, etc.

Web Technologies: Node.js, Angular, React, HTML, CSS
Development Languages: JavaScript, .NET, Python, Ruby on Rails, C++, PHP, Java
Mobile Development: iOS, Android, Apache Cordova, React Native
Clouds: AWS, Azure, GCP, Rackspace, UpCloud
Databases: MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Hypertable, OrientDB
Data Storage Solutions: MongoDB, Redis, Couchbase, Riak, Neo4j, RavenDB, MemCache
Blockchain Technologies: Ethereum, Solidity, HyperLedger, EOS
Full text search: Elasticsearch, Apache Lucene, Apache Solr, Sphinx
CMS: Wordpress
DevOps tools: Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform
Deployment: Jenkins, TeamCity, CircleCl, Gitlab CI
Industry Standards: PCI DSS, SOX

You will join a company with a culture of experience, cross-pollination, high standards and
productivity, and strengthen your overall management, leadership and communication skills.

1) Health insurance
2) Relocation package
3) English classes
4) More details: https://careers.dev-pro.net/en/#benefits

Get on board and Get IT Done with Dev.Pro!

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This job is no longer active.
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