We are seeking for a developer to our IoT Cloud (MIC) development team to Stockholm based company

Required skills:

AWS DynamoDB, AWS SQS, AWS Lambda, Kinesis, AWS SNS, Node

Assignment description:

MIC is an IoT device and data management platform, based on serverless design patterns and runs using AWS managed services.
They have an awesome team today, but for 2021 they need to expand the capacity of the team. MIC is offered to enterprises across the globe and spans traditional and novel connectivity patterns. It has advanced user and permission capabilities, advanced rule engine, rich REST APIs and GraphQL endpoints and a capable and customizable frontend GUI. Examples of MIC customer use cases are connected pumps, ventilations equipment,elevators, tracking devices and avalanche sensors on Svalbard.
You must be very skilled in Node, as the ambition with this role is to instill Node best practice into the codebase. The assignment will likely start with 1-2 months to learn the code base and develop on our platform. Next stage is to analyze the code design patterns for their use cases, then guide and lead improvements of their node implementation. All their node-codebase runs in serverless applications (Lambda) in AWS, hence being very strong in AWS is also important, although AWS is a competence they already have in the team, they want you to extend the capacity in AWS too.

The Team:
The Development teams consist of very skilled and senior architects, software engineers, testers, data scientists and data engineers. Teams are a mix of in-house cloud experts and contractors all working tightly together with a one-team approach. With dedication and commitment, the team deliver awesome data-centric solutions and critical business values. The teams are characterized by a truly social, inspirational, vivid and agile culture.

As a person joining the team, you should have the following traits:
• Team player.
• Thriving in an AWS environment.
• Passionate about data and serving business with actionable insights.
• Have an eye for details and a talent to track down data processing inconsistencies.
• Always focusing on security by design.
• Responsible and business oriented.
• Positive and optimistic.
• Proactive and dependable.
• Taking pride in sharing technical know-how and good practice.
• Demonstrating following values in daily work and instill these values in the team. Make It Easy, Keep Promises, Be Inspiring and Be Respectful".

Priority qualification

- Senior Node competence:
• solid experience of Node for backend
• artifact, library and package management
• best practice code structure and coding patterns

- Senior AWS competence:
• Preferably holds one or more AWS certificates
• Deep knowledge of event and serverless design patterns
• Lambda / Kinesis / SNS / SQS / API Gateway
• DynamoDB

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