We are looking for a Software Architect with a passion for technology as well as the skills and intelligence to design solutions.

We invite a Software Architect with a passion for technology as well as the skills and intelligence to design solutions.

You are the right candidate if you are a responsible and proactive developer who loves to create robust and beautiful solutions and is excited about challenging tasks. Our dynamic and energetic team gets drive and passion by an ever-changing startup environment and an atmosphere of adventure.

Join our team and create a cutting-edge Online Lending Platform for our foreign client.

We are developing an MVP of an Online Lending Platform for our foreign client. The project is a great opportunity to work in a startup environment and build a fintech product from scratch, taking a deep dive into the analysis of client needs, analysis of market requirements, constraints, and opportunities.
This project offers hands-on work with cutting-edge technologies and an opportunity to make significant technical and architectural decisions. AI and ML, FinTech, Containerization, Microservices, Cloud.
Since this is a greenfield project, you may face the challenge of designing and building a state-of-the-art technology solution from scratch. First tasks on the project may involve but are not limited to:
- Creating the system’s core and major building blocks
- Implementing essential use cases and business logic
- Deciding on libraries and frameworks that will fit the purpose the best
- Laying out the system’s interfaces and infrastructure
- Creating and evolving the baseline for automated quality checks


● Ongoing monitoring of architectural solutions developed to meet customer business goals and ensuring the technology chosen as well as design decisions are in harmony with the ecosystem
● Performing ad-hoc code reviews of critical software modules to meet the high standards of development quality
● Development of methodologies for architectural solutions if needed
● Maintaining a knowledge database of in-house developed solutions; This includes but is not limited to creating SAD documentation
● Providing regular consultancy to technical specialists within the team regarding modern methods of software development and architecture
● Regular communication with the customer representatives on the architecture matters and taking part in forums to enhance and modernize the developed solutions depending on the business situation

● We are looking for a candidate that has skills and experience corresponding to the following list:
● At least 10 years of experience in commercial software development
● 2+ years of experience in performing the role of the system architect
● Expert knowledge of at least Python technology stack and Strong knowledge of alternative technology stacks is preferable
● In-depth experience with Django, Flask, or other Python frameworks
● Experience with some ORM (Object Relational Mapper) libraries
● Experience with major SQL and NoSQL data storages
● Knowledge of message brokers (e.g., RabbitMQ, Kafka), REST, and communication protocols
● Expert knowledge of service-oriented and microservice architecture concepts
● Good understanding of security and privacy mechanisms and the corresponding industry standards
● Proven records of the successful systems designs
● System design patterns knowledge
● Strong critical thinking and decisions making
● Expert in Git, CI/CD, and bug-tracker system
● Ability to adapt to change and business analysis skills of at least a Good level
● Fluent English and excellent communication skills

Would be a plus:
Experience in the FinTech domain
Knowledge and experience with containers, container orchestration, and serverless platforms
Experience with distributed and async systems
Interest or experience in ML/AI
Understanding of message-driven and event-driven design

About Sigma Software

Sigma Software предоставляет высококачественные ИТ услуги для клиентов в таких сферах, как электронный бизнес, документооборот, телекоммуникации, военная отрасль, авиационно-космическая промышленность, банковское дело, финансы и недвижимость, а также в сфере туризма, индустрии развлечений и разработки игр.

Три основных направления бизнеса компании — разработка и поддержка программного обеспечения, разработка программного обеспечения на заказ, в том числе разработка решений под мобильные устройства, ИТ консалтинг в различных сферах, в частности в сфере электронного бизнеса, документооборота и работы с проблемной задолженностью.

Свои услуги мы предоставляем в основном для компаний, расположенных в Западной Европе и США. Офисы в Харькове и Одессе работают с 2005 года. В 2014 открылись новые офисы в Киеве, Львове, Варшаве (Польша) и Сан-Хосе (США).

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