We are looking for an experienced engineer to join a team of professionals to contribute to the project, as well as take an active role in architecture discussions and overall product design.

As a successful candidate, you will become a part of a collaborative, innovative, and passionate team dedicated to entertaining the planet. Every member of our team is provided the opportunity to profoundly impact the broad world of entertainment.

Our engineers want to gain energy from you and share their energy with you. We want healthy, and challenging discussions. We expect you to guide us with your wealth of knowledge and experience, but want to remind you that we also have a wealth of knowledge and experience and when conflicts of experience arise we expect you will be able to handle it professionally and productively.


– 2+ years of experience with NodeJS for backend
– Experience with OTT (HLS and/or DASH, Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI), Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI), etc.)
– 3+ Experience in a relevant field (engineering, physics, mathematics, etc)
– Conversational verbal skills for the English language.
– Excellent written skills for the English language.
– Work effectively within and across teams.
– Ability to ensure issues are discussed before they become problems.
– Align your expectations with the people you are working closely with.
– Ask questions of clarification to ensure accuracy

Nice to have

– Infrastructure as Code: Terraform, Cloudformation, Kubernetes, Helm
– GitHub, GitHub Actions
– Jenkins, Circleci, Ansible, Salt, etc
– Microservices Architecture
– Testing Best Practices (Unit Tests, Automated test suites)
– Software Design Best Practices (Encapsulation, Decoupling, Happy Path + Design for Failure)


The existing code base will require day-to-day maintenance and feature development. You will be expected to help in this effort and simultaneously provide feedback, and work closely with your mentor.

This role carries a great deal of responsibility and demand. With this in mind, you should know that the management philosophy of the engineering group you will be working with is the following:

– No Herculean efforts

— We have an agreement with our stakeholders that requests will carry with them no expectation of efforts beyond a normal workload.

– No excessive toil

— This agreement further addresses tasks that require large amounts of time that would be considered minimally productive. e.g. Manually reading through thousands of lines of code looking for something not well defined. i.e. Looking for something that would not be searchable using grep or similar (because you may not know what you are looking for).

– All requests will be well defined and include a measurable metric for success.

– Features and services will have properly defined SLOs.

– Will adhere to an error budget to ensure we maintain technical debt along the way.

– We are proponents of Forward Motion and do not like Stop Energy. When someone finds the passion to push for positive change, we will support those efforts with optimistic conversations, not flood it with fearful anecdotes – Stops should only incur due to facts.

About GlobalLogic

GlobalLogic is a full-lifecycle product development services leader that combines chip-to-cloud software engineering expertise and vertical industry experience to help our customers design, build, and deliver their next-generation products and digital experiences. By leveraging Agile / Lean MVP methods, cutting-edge technologies, and an integrated approach to experience design and complex engineering, we empower global brands such as Microsoft, BMC, Coca Cola, Samsung, Physio Control, and Roku to develop the “next big thing” in their markets. GlobalLogic is headquartered in Silicon Valley and operates design and engineering centers around the world, where we are continuously recognized as a top innovator and employer by organizations like Zinnov and Glassdoor.

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This job is no longer active.
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