We are looking for a talented DevOps Engineer that is passionate about Cloud to work together with our customers to modernize, migrate and build their cloud platform
Our mission is to help our customers to take advantage of modern cloud approaches, to modernize/migrate to the cloud.

In general, you'll be facing technological challenges:
● An infrastructure to manage multi-cloud deployments, monitoring, and alerts. Including Blue-Green
deployments and canary testing (with quick reverts) as building blocks.
● Tracing requests across services, with information around latency - every ms counts!
● Large system migration to cloud-native technologies (e.g. K8S, Kafka, etc.) with no downtime!
● Redesign monitoring, logging, and alerting infrastructure to keep up with the ever-growing ingest rate
(many terabytes per day).
We expect you to always be and operate at the forefront of technology!
● Migrate systems so they could run on AWS and Azure (multi-cloud setup)
● Design, architect, and develop Cloud-Native Applications with our customers.
● Develop services that build cloud infrastructure for our customers (Services that automatically generate
Infrastructure as Code templates, manage Cloud Native deployment, etc)
● Tack scalability, performance, usability, and reliability challenges in a variety of fields such as Security,
BigData, Monitoring & Alerting, Cloud Infrastructure
● Manage & build geo-distributed high throughput systems with a 99.999% availability SLA target
● Implement systems that are highly resilient and self-healing
● In-depth knowledge with Azure or AWS in production environments
● 3+ years of Software engineering experience in backend development (Java / Python / Ruby / Go / etc) at least one of them
● Experience with frameworks - Django/Spring Boot/NodeJS, etc at least one of them
● Experience with CLI libraries, APIs, Command line Libraries
● Familiarity with languages best practices, styling, libraries
2+ years working with Infrastructure As Code tools (Cloudformation / Terraform / Pulumi) at least one of them

● Good understanding of distributed applications on the cloud
● Understand technical requirements, challenge them and implement the desired solution
● Ability to communicate and convey technical messages across technical teams
● Passionate about the understanding bigger picture
● Hold yourself and others to a high bar when working with production
● Problem solver - ability to solve technical challenges in a creative way
● Fluent in written and spoken English
Additional good experience (preferred but not mandatory)
● Built and ran a Kubernetes or HashiCorp’s Nomad cluster
● Have experience with Elastic’s ELK stack
● Familiar with HashiCorp’s tools: Vault, Consul, etc.
● Experience with Configuration Management tools (Chef / Ansible / Salt / etc.)
● Solid grasp of Computer Systems fundamentals: Networking, Crypto/PKI, Linux-based OS, and its subsystems
● Solid system analysis skills and good troubleshooting grasp

About Quickstarter

QuickStarter AI is a committed, goal-oriented team of industry professionals. We are all united by the desire for the highest results. We reward the performance and loyalty of our professionals. Our developers have already found their best job. QuickStarter AI stands for complete openness and transparency towards our Customers and Partners.

We provide you with a team of senior developers who will need a minimum of time to give the best possible result. We are convinced that real value comes from experience and specialization. If you tend to agree with this statement, we can succeed together.

QuickStarter AI:

- it's a high-quality software development services

- it's AI familiarization services

- creates, trains and manages multifunctional teams of technical specialists

- offers a flexible collaboration structure, integrates seamlessly into our customers ’IT environments in a flexible, scalable and cost-effective manner

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