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Вот собственно она! Возможность попасть в ИТ и сразу в достойную компанию, которая готова будет обучать и вкладывать в тебя знания накопленные годами. Даже стипендию платят во время обучения. Не только бесплатно обучают, но и сами платят. Да и такое бывает. От вас нужно желание, действия и CV)

What we expect from our candidate:

• from 0,5 year of experience working as a backend developer (ideally Java, C #, C ++);
• understanding and experience with version control systems (Git);
• desire to develop and strive for new knowledge in software development;
• English: intermediate.

Будет плюсом

• knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS;
• understanding of the processes and principles of Scrum.

How the work will be built:

You come to us to study and then get a job. Training takes place in our office and involves 3 months of intensive training with full employment, that is, you will be in our office as a full time team member. The training will include a monthly review and a 150$ scholarship (per month). If the review results are not satisfactory or show no progress — the training comes to an end.
Education involves self-study of materials in English. You will have a mentor who can be contacted with questions and a team that has already passed this material and can also help.

After training, you will be certified. This is an international certification, but the company pays for it. You will need to pass an exam to confirm your knowledge.
After certification, you will start working on real projects. Projects can be very different and include the tasks of administering the SalesForce platform, programming and creating new services so integration with a variety of external systems and products.

The first projects may be small, for your training. But be ready to work with large foreign clients in the future.

XXX has a separate team of Salesforce developers, who also came to us from other technologies and received training. All of them are already working on real projects. Every Salesforce dev passes certifications and constantly continues to develop in the new areas that Salesforce platform and the technologies used there give.

About Salesforce:

Salesforce is an ecosystem for developing enterprise applications of different levels of complexity and is a close combination of PaaS, SaaS and cloud computing.
The system consists of many components, the main ones are:

— — PaaS-platform for independent app development. Apex, an object-oriented programming language, is used as a tool for developing the backend part. For the frontend part, both interface development tool based on or any javascript framework (ReactJS, AngularJS, etc.) can be used.

— is a market-leading CRM system that can act as an administration tool for the entire Salesforce system, as well as a visual interface for applications developed in the environment.

— — a cloud-based relational database built similar to Oracle Database.

We are looking for a person who will be engaged in a full development cycle, including administration and programming and support for applications developed in the Salesforce ecosystem and integration with external systems and services.

About CODEX recruiting agency

CODEX — IT recruitment agency, which are help companies to save time and money by finding the best candidates for them.

We offer innovation to hiring and managing toptalent.
Our services include Permanent Recruitment, Contract Recruitment, and HR Consulting.
Our promise is to focus on excellence through continuous evaluation and improvement.
We are located in Ukraine but we are home worldwide.
Having good business experience, our team has become more than just a recruitment company.
No matter where in the world you are, CODEX specialists are here to help.
We can attract and connect you to talent in both local and global markets.
Using our Cloud platforms, we can support our clients worldwide.

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