- product stable start-up
- team of Senior specialists
- minimum level of bureaucracy
- freedom of action and high responsibility
- growth to CPO/COO

About the project:
A year ago, we launched an RnD direction in one of the largest Ukrainian IT product companies. Its goal was to build the project with a different business model based on the company’s main business.

During this time, we confirmed the valued hypothesis of the new product. We succeed in paying off the desktop version of the website and are now on the verge of creating positive unit economics in its mobile version.

The next challenge is scaling. We are already in the top-100 Ukrainian companies with the highest traffic acquisition volume. By the end of the next year, we are going to reach the top-5. We expect to achieve 20 times revenue growth by February 2021.

About the team:
Our team includes 14 Senior specialists. Such a few people help us to stay flexible and focused. Each person has his or her own area of responsibility in achieving common goals.
— A minimum level of bureaucracy with a maximum level of independence;
— Freedom of action and high responsibility;
— We make all global decisions together as a team, but each specialist has autonomy in making local decisions.
If you are driven by speed, responsibility, and ability to directly influence business decisions, let’s meet!

About prospects:
The project is now on the stage on which it has a zero chance to die. Moreover, it will develop rapidly (20 times revenue growth only by February 2021). And, as a result, you will have prospects for fast and quality career growth.

Your opportunities:
— Grow to the CPO / COO.
— Build the product with over $10 million monthly revenue.
— Create the company’s product vertical from scratch (hiring product specialists/analysts/designers/managers, structuring the processes, etc.)

It all depends on you.

About responsibilities:
RnD direction now has a common codebase with the company’s flagship product. By the end of the year, we are planning separate technically. We want to build our own technical infrastructure and migrate our websites on it.

After that, we are planning to make significant product changes that include launching the streaming platform inside the product, reaching a new audience, and expanding new geography. All these should be done, rapidly increasing the traffic acquisition volume.

The strategy mentioned above will inevitably create many product challenges:
— To build product analytics on the project.
— To manage recoupment (we increase volumes => ROI decreases => we should take the product to the next quality level).
— To build effective development processes (we should learn how to deploy 10 features per month instead of 1).
You should be ready to meet all the challenges mentioned above.

This means in practice:
1. To manage the product development cycle:
● Setting, monitoring, and achievement of monthly goals.
● Managing product analytics and researches.
● Being a product owner for several development teams.
● Becoming a single entry point for product management.
2. To integrate marketing and business development team into product management:
● Tasks prioritization.
● Monitoring and solving the problem of supply/demand imbalance in the marketplace.
3. To be proactively involved in creating an organizational strategy.

About the rest:
● A comfortable office at Podil
● Free lunches and snacks.
● Medical insurance upon successful completion of a probationary period and a corporate doctor.
● Compensation for participation in the abroad conferences/ meetups/ etc/
● Modern technologies, and more.

About SocialTech

Global product IT company.
We are enthusiasts who turn great ideas into reality.
Our goal is to make the best products for our customers and bring them positive user experience.
We are not afraid to take risks and make innovative solutions.
We love challenges. We encourage out-of-the-box thinking. We learn every day.

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