C the Signs is an award-winning purpose driven organisation founded by doctors. The platform is used by healthcare professionals to accelerate early cancer diagnosis – ensuring all patients are identified at the earliest and most survivable stage of the disease. Using AI/ML, big data and NLP.

Maintain, review and improve existing set of .NET desktop applications
Designing and implementing desktop “all-in-one” platform to manage our components’ installation, ensuring their auto-update and maintenance
Work closely with stakeholders, peers in Engineering and QA to ensure delivery of secure and high-quality system
Take part in requirements analysis, tasks planning, estimation and distribution between the team members
Take the responsibilities of technical implementation, including writing and reviewing technical documentation, be passionate about good design and architectural approaches
Ensure product quality, writing reusable, testable and efficient code obviously with 100% test coverage
Troubleshoot and resolve system issues
Continuously strive to introduce improvements and innovations to the team and product
Strong awareness of Microsoft Windows systems, including pipe (IPC) communication

Key Skills and Experience
Degree in Computer Science with at least 3 years’ experience in software engineering
At least one year of experience at a senior semi-lead level
Strong understanding of Windows system/platform
Knowledge of development stack: .NET Framework 4+, C#, WPF, UWP, .NET Core, WebSockets, Restful architecture, Multithreading, IPC
Proficiency in design pattern and Test-Driven Development 
Utilising CI/CD principles
DDD experience is an advantage
Intellectual curiosity, learning agility, and enthusiasm for tackling problems
Good communication skill, striving to do not leave blind spots behind

About C the Signs

Our innovation is a multiplatform decision support tool, available on iOS, android and as a website. The tool uses artificial intelligence mapped with the latest evidence to help General Practitioners (GPs) identify patients with cancer early.

C the Signs gives GPs the ability to simultaneously check combinations of signs, symptoms and risk factors, in an easy to use format. It can be used during the consultation, when the opportunity to influence decision-making is at its greatest. Covering the entire spectrum of cancer and cross-referencing multiple diagnostic pathways, C the signs can support GPs in recommending what investigations or urgent referrals the patient may need, in under 30 seconds.

GPs can search by symptom such as ‘appetite loss’ and be shown each diagnostic pathway where appetite loss is featured. Alternatively, GPs can search by system (e.g. “Chest” or “Breast”). Once the GP enters the information, regardless of whether they are in the ‘Chest’ or ‘Breast’ section of the tool, the information is cross-checked against the entire database. This feature highlights to the GP when the patient qualifies for multiple pathways. This is important as pathways are system specific, they do not exclude cancer entirely, only cancer in that system. Cross-referencing gives GPs a guide to the next steps to take and any additional tests they may wish to request alongside the primary referral.

Our tool is currently being use by 550 healthcare professionals across the NHS, improving quality of care for patients and survival from cancer.

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