Speed & Function is looking for an aspiring 2nd tier thinker to join our team and help lead a small but highly complex custom software delivery organization.

- Assist in leading a remote custom software delivery organization, which includes multiple practices and multiple client engagement types.



- Decision-makers on the client-side feel confident approving our invoices resulting from delivery meeting multiple client goals, such as meeting their users’ needs on time/budget.
- Billing is accurate and on-time.
- Escalations are resolved quickly, resulting in improved trust and client experience.


- Based on collaboration with the CEO, the leadership team understands the market and market trends and translates that understanding into goals and action items for the rest of the team.
- In collaboration with the CEO, deliver results from creating and executing on a vision for the ideal future state and company strategy.

Delivery Group:

- Effective delivery of 20-40 projects of different engagement types and technology stacks.
- Effective support of new opportunities in sales by the delivery group results in higher conversion rates.
- Effective resource allocation: make sure everyone has work and every project has the people it needs.
- Support of marketing effort generates up-to-date marketing and sales aid content and subsequently helps in generating new leads and conversion.
- Master management by objectives where everyone gains more autonomy and improves their ability to improvise. Objectives include department goals, company goals, partner goals, and client goals as well as goals of individual people participating on all of those levels.
- Improved management effectiveness results in higher margins. Partner with the finance group.
- The success of individual practices, such as Project Management, Ruby on Rails, Javascript engineering, Mobile, DevOps, QA as well as establishing new practices.
- The success of various engagement types, such as solution, managed staff augmentation, fixed price, time & materials, etc.
- Success in delivering for various client types, such as mid-size corporations, digital agencies, startups.
- The overall delivery budget and profitability are under control and meets the needs of various stakeholders.
- A variety of our locations where the company has employees have regular get-together events and collaboration sessions.
- S&F University launch (an internal training practice).
- Effective bench management.
- Escalations between practices are resolved quickly, resulting in improved internal trust and systems/processes.

People Leadership:

- Effective systems where people can gain maximum autonomy and happiness.
- Your group has hired all the skills it needs to meet internal and client goals, both technical and soft. New hires get onboarded quickly to facilitate optimal performance.
- Practice managers and their teams feel that their growth and development goals are met. They are energized by the constant development of their skills (both technical and T-shaped soft/business) as well as their compensation. We have development and training programs for each employee. Employee types include engineering, QA, DevOps, producers, and practice managers.
- Maximize retention, prevent surprise attrition.
- Escalations are resolved quickly and result in improved internal trust and employment experience.
- Our company becomes more of a Deliberately Developmental Organization every month. We constantly experience the evolution of our company culture, moving up levels.
- You’ll make sure all of the above applies to yourself as well. You’ll use company data and goals to help set your own performance goals, so can be as self-managed and autonomous as possible.


- Practice-level retrospectives, analysis, and strategy sessions produce visualized tracking of constant improvement in client satisfaction, meeting our people, project, practice, and company-level goals.


- Collaboration sessions with the leadership team.
- Management through reporting.

Management Structure:

- You report to the Head of Delivery.
- 4-7 Practice Leads report to you.


- Head of Delivery.
- Practice Leads and their staff.
- Client-side staff.
- Company founders (CEO, COO).
- CTO.
- Finance group.
- Sales.


- Manage projects portfolio: help oversee requirement-building, goal-setting, risk management, and acceptance criteria for individual projects
- Practice management: help build and execute the strategy for the development of individual practices as well as practice management as a whole. Develop systems and processes.
- Help Practice Leads with risk management: can the company achieve practice and project goals (budget, timeline, quality, business performance).

Desired Qualifications:

- Business Education.
- Fluent in English.
- Ability to maximize overlap with US Eastern time zone business hours (New York).
- Developmental mindset (open mind, open heart, curiosity, humility, feedback).
- Custom software development experience.

- High enough compensation enables you to get the benefits you need.
- Full-time remote with occasional get-togethers in various locations across North America and Europe.
- Unusually fast career track based on concepts of meritocracy.

About Speed&Function

At Speed & Function, we are a team of passionate individuals who practice the art of custom software. We help take product ideas to market through best practices in UX and engineering, led by product strategy and management. We deliver a full range of refinement, from prototype to MVP to enterprise-grade applications, having released over 300 products in over 10 years. We bring software and collaboration best practices enjoyed by large organizations to the open market at below-enterprise rates. Speed & Function has built and operated several SaaS platforms. Our advanced expertise is in UI engineering/front-end and: we build high-performance, secure and accessible interfaces that are easy to use across all mainstream devices. "Speed" in our name stands for performance. Risk management is an integral component of each product we work on, which helps us deliver significantly above average success rates to our clients. We are striving to become a deliberately developmental organization (DDO / growth culture).

Our flexible, transparent, and proactive approach to communication, sets us apart from others in our field. Over the past 11 years we've continued to refine and master this practice, earning us our reputation as one of the strongest web development and UI engineering shops in the Philadelphia area.

Our mission is to finalize a unique collaboration framework that's relevant to 21st-century challenges and allows delivering both state-of-the-art technology solutions and amazing collaboration experience.

We are a distributed team with headquarters in Philadelphia, USA, and a variety of locations in Europe, primarily in Ukraine and Montenegro. Most of us currently work from home.

Currently, there are over 40 of us: mostly engineers, but we also have people who do administration, business development, finance, and HR.

Company website:

DOU company page:

Job posted on 28 November 2020

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