German company that specializes in Cybersecurity/Data Protection is looking for a System and Network Engineer to work remotely on a permanent basis.
For those who are willing to relocate (Frankfurt-on-Main area) company provides official employment with all social benefits.

As a System and Network Engineer you will be responsible for overseeing, protecting, and further extending critical infrastructure components used for anti-malware and computer forensic operations. The components are deployed and set up in a virtual laboratory environment and leveraged by malware reverse engineers, forensic investigators, and threat analysts across multiple continents.
You will work closely with other subject-matter experts from different areas, therefore excellent communication skills will be required for this position, too.
In addition to professional and communication skills, social skills are very important for us.

- Extend the technical infrastructure to support malware analysis and forensic operations across multiple continents.
- Harden and protect sensitive infrastructure components against unauthorized access and any kind of misuse.
- Ensure a high availability and reliability of the laboratory environment.
- Develop and maintain suitable rules for network firewalls and intrusion detection systems to prevent attacks on the infrastructure over the network.
- Closely monitor network flows and system accesses upon suspicious traces.
- Support subject-matter experts during the analysis of malicious code and forensic investigations.

- Master’s Degree, preferably with a focus on IT security and/or computer networks, from an accredited university
- Excellent knowledge of Unix operating systems and derivatives as well as strong knowledge of system hardening and system protection measures
- Excellent knowledge of relevant protocols across the different OSI layers
- Excellent knowledge of network architectures, especially with regards to distributed work environments
- Used to be working on the command line, and capability of automating tasks with the help of (shell) scripting languages within a short amount of time
- Experience with supervising and maintaining laboratory or test environments is considered a significant plus
- Excellent communication skills and strong English is required
- Strong team player and good social skills
- Self-organizing and commitment to your tasks
- Professional certification will be an advantage

We Offer:
- Interesting and varied tasks as well as continuous training opportunities
- remote cooperation
- competitive salary (+bonuses)
- business trips to head office in Germany (Frankfurt-on-Main area)
- visiting conferences and seminars through the European Union
- obtaining professional certification
- opportunity to relocate to Germany

About Freelancer Yulia Osa

German company that provides premium-quality services in the Cybersecurity field.
Combining the best world practices and innovations in Cybersecurity with the traditional German values, such as reliability, accuracy, honesty, diligence, responsibility and perfection in performance, we provide our clients with a whole package of modern cybersecurity services, including penetration testing, information security auditing, data protection, GRC (governance, risk management, compliance) Staff Educating and Digital Forensics.
Among our clients are mostly Banks, Trading Houses, Brokerage, Automotive and Insurance companies. Those businesses are the number-one-targets for cybercriminals around the world, so their cybersecurity requires the highest standards. Also, being a social responsible company, we help to secure various social institutions for free or minimum fee.

We are looking forward to collaborate with the developers from Ukraine and EU (remotely during the trial period) with an opportunity of business trips to head office in Eschborn (Frankfurt-on-Main area). Once the employee passes his trial successfully, the company starts to process relocation.

So, don’t hesitate to apply and become a part of highly-qualified professionals that make digital world more safe and secure!

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