Chatbot building platform. Very interesting roadmap. Experienced and entrepreneurial CTO, ex-US Navy. You're expected to have partner mentality, propose ideas and make an impact.

Client / Product
Chatbot building platform, currently covers Web, FB, SMS, Slack and Telegram. 100+ integrations with third-party services. High code quality, built with OOP approach, good auto-tests coverage.

Entrepreneurial CTO, ex-US Navy avionics technician, appreciates "no-bs" approach to work.

You're expected to actively participate in decision making on various things and be a key developer.

Work / Roadmap
- Implement drag-and-drop interface
- Add multi-user capabilities
- Develop API (GraphQL / Webhooks? TBD with you)
- Incrementally migrate all Frontend to React
- Simplify rules engine
- Rewrite live chat using modern tech (Stream / CommonChat? TBD with you)
- Develop real-time data feed into customers' analytics
- Switch to AWS infrastructure (cut Heroku out)
- Move to AWS Serverless architecture w Kubernetes
- Enable "white labeling" for agencies
- Enhance reporting / analytics
- Expand to more platforms (Viber, WhatsApp)
- Add new integrations (Zapier, Integromat)
- Implement search engine (ElasticSearch? TBD with you)

- Node.js
- React.js, some Vue and Angular.js (the latter is to be gradually cut out)
- Redis, TimescaleDB (potentially to be replaced with AWS Timestream)
- Heroku (to be cut out and moved to AWS)
- [Planned] Move to AWS Serverless architecture w Kubernetes
- [Planned] Develop API with GraphQL / Webhooks (TBD with you)

Your skills and attitudes
- Senior level of confidence in Node, React, AWS space
- Good development habits, esp. writing tests, documenting code
- Curiosity for new technologies (Serverless, ASync computing, AI)
- Partner mentality, initiativeness, ownership, ability to propose and argue:)
- Seemless speaking and writing English (or actively achieving that level)

- $4,000 - $4,500 / m, can be paid to Payoneer if you want
- Remote!
- Flexible schedule as soon as plans and deadlines are met
- Collaborate directly with the CTO, no PMs etc
- 20 days per year paid vacation
- Remote outstaffing model (hired by Innoteka, but work with Client)

About Innoteka

We're all-remote team of engineers helping entrepreneurs develop products and services under team extension / staff augmentation model.

Our two largest clients have been with us for 2 years (and counting), and the very first client worked with us for 3 years 9 months. They call us their "secret weapon" and "very reliable and trustworthy strategic partner".

That is because we hire matured people who choose trust, freedom and responsibility over massages and other kinds of corporate pampering.

It is our choice to remain a proud small firm vs growth-obsessed compromised factory.

We don't do "marketing" (there's honestly too much marketing in this World, sigh). Instead, we continuously provide $$ support to families in need, educational and healthcare organizations.

Company website:

DOU company page:

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