Remote / part-time / flexible working hours

We love recruiting. This is our life, hobby, if needed we can do it 12 hours a day, and yes, we know how to organize our working hours and how to have fun :)

What will you get? We show you how to recruit competent and skillful people, how to manage your working hours remotely, and how to be successful and only those who are really passionate about this profession will join our team. You can become a professional recruiter or give up the idea to work in the human resources sphere forever.

What we do? We are helping companies hire talented people from all over the world. We work with both technical and non-technical positions.

We competently deal with all issues in the field of human resources management, which allows our clients to focus on their core businesses.

- Attracting technical and non-technical talents
- Finding, identifying and selecting suitable candidates for the company
- Screening CVs, emailing, interviewing
- Managing the recruitment process
- Assisting teams with hiring processes
- Reporting

Position Description:

We are looking for motivated and hardworking people, who are passionate about producing results.

To obtain a position at H&D team and become a professional recruiter you should take our training and pass the quiz. It is free of charge.

We have developed a training program to teach you the best practices of recruiting at each stage of the recruitment life cycle. We will give you the information and tools you need to start your career with us at H&D.

If you go through all the stages of training and pass the exam, you will get a job at Hiring and Dealing.

What You Bring to the Team:

- You may not have any recruiting or staffing experience but you want to learn and develop in the recruitment industry
- You should be a proactive person
- You should be a skilled communicator
- Ability to work independently and under pressure
- English at least upper-intermediate level
- Able to invest at least 3 hours per day

We expect from you respect to Hiring and Dealing team and our values, so you need to stick to our directives:

- Being honest
- Being polite. It helps. A lot
- Being proactive
- Constant communication, performance and integrity: deadlines, time estimates, time off (e.g. I can't work these days so my deadline will be pushed back a few days, and so on); this provides transparency; thought transparency
- Self-discipline: organizing your work and lifestyle, prioritizing tasks for the day/week; figuring out what needs to be done and then getting it done
- Be extremely detail-oriented and constantly double-checking for errors

Your Day-to-Day:

Finding the best Candidates for our Customers: market research, screening CVs, emailing, cold calls and warm calls, reporting, phone&skype interviews etc.

We offer:
- Job opportunities at Hiring and Dealing
- Commission basis from the closed position
- 100% remote, flexible working hours. You manage your time, what you put in, is what you get out

Selection process:
1) 30-minute video interview with Founder and Co-Founder
2) 3-week base-training plus quiz after each of modules

If this sounds like your kind of thing – we want to talk to you!

About Hiring and Dealing

We are a young start-up of successful headhunters, mentors, and act as strategic consultants and trusted advisors throughout the hiring process.

Our goal and motivation to help customers and candidates to find each other, grow, and achieve high results together.

We will assist you during the whole hiring process by the time you signed the offer with new Employer.

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