We’re IO Scout - analytical platform for Amazon, developed by IO - experienced company, operating in the Big Data industry for more than 5 years with customers from 60 countries,
Our team members are 30 talented people, including marketing specialists, product managers and engineers.

This is a top-level position in the company, reporting directly to the CEO. This role will manage a separate budget and is eligible for a partnership program participation.


● Higher Education;
● HR and Recruiting execution experience for more than 5 years;
● IT industry teams experience (only product experience);
● Fluent English;
● CV with primary goals and achievements for each position;
● Recommendation letter is required;
● Test case is required;

● Integrate and hold company-wide review procedures in order to increase productivity and reduce churn - at least twice a year
○ Develop and update people performance tracking system,
○ Provide feedback to management in a timely manner,
○ Hold one-on-ones with people on the team to help them overcome barriers and see career growth,
○ Market analytics for an efficient financial promotions decisions,
○ Track people churn and promotion metrics based on top-level business targets.
● Manage hiring procedures and control quality:
○ Manage sourcing & lead generation based on inhouse or outsourced channels,
○ Implement and execute leads screening,
○ Implement and deploy candidate testing and interviewing procedures (with managers and specialists) with a quality control system,
○ Collect, check and consolidate data on candidates to prepare them for the CEO interview.
● New members onboarding, adaptation and test periods management
○ Execute onboarding setup calls with instruction on how IO team is organized,
○ Hold adaptation calls to check newcomers progress and help them comply with requirements,
○ Manage performance data collection and feedback for test periods.
● Build international hiring brand (have 10/10 feedback from all candidates) based on:
○ Social media platforms (our brand pages),
○ Technical industry media (interviews, company pages).
● Team building execution on top of:
○ General planning meetings (monthly, quarterly and yearly),
○ Informal parties (several times per year),
○ Offline brainstorm days management (periodical team gatherings based on coworking spaces, help with planning and reservations).

About IO Technologies

IO Technologies is a product analytical IT company.
Just 4 years ago we came up with an idea and developed a platform for collecting and processing data which nowadays processes more than 10 billion events per day working on more than 300 physical and virtual servers.
We are developing a product that collects statistics, analyzes data and distributes them to reports in such a way that makes complex analytics clear to a usual author, editor, marketer, manager. With the help of our data, companies, and teams can take business decisions to improve the efficiency of their operations.
IO is not just a company, it’s a living organism where every department and employee has an impact on a successful decision made by our clients on the basis of the data provided.

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Job posted on 31 July 2020

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