inVerita invites an experienced front-end developer in order to design, develop, and maintain backend software and infrastructure that is a part of the VR platform for image recognition and augmented reality.

Project description:
- Client: Germany
VR platform for image recognition and augmented reality.
stage of the project: from 2014 on the Market.
- The project team: 5 - computer vision; Data Science; Frontend devs - 2; Backend devs - 2.
- Tech. Stack: REST API is backed by Elixir / Phoenix / Ecto based microservices; C++ based core image recognition; PostgreSQL; Infrastructure is described as Code with Terraform and Kubernetes; Major AWS services we use are EKS, RDS, Cloudfront and S3; Github, CircleCI, Slack, Jira/Confluence.

- Degree in Computer Science or comparable professional working experience;
- Deep knowledge in ECMAScript 2015, React ecosystem (Redux, Saga, Hooks, Router, Helmet, DnD) ;
- 5+ years professional front end JavaScript experience;
- Experience with the HTTP protocol and in creating and designing REST APIs;
- CSS (CSS Modules, CSS-in-JS, Sass/SCSS, PostCSS);
- Code bundlers experience required (Webpack, Parcel);
- WebGL, highly preferred (ThreeJS, AFrame, other AR/VR tools);
- Knowledge of (and work experience with!) cloud computing services like AWS;
- Being able to debug and investigate applications running remotely;
- An eye for design with experience working on responsive layout and animations;
- Ability to design APIs based on consumers' needs;
- Ability to breathe life into mock-ups and layouts with heaps of attention to detail;
- Ability to abstract and improve existing layouts and to implement complex logic;
- Experience in building well-tested front-end applications using tools like Jest and Enyzme;
- Fluent written and spoken English.

- An inclination for UX and design;
- Knowledge in Elixir, Node.js;
- Redis, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch;
- Data transformation libraries experience (Lodash, Ramda);
- JSONSchema experience;
- Unit and/or end-to-end testing experience (Jest, Enzyme, Cucumber);
- Docker/Kubernetes environment knowledge;
- Understanding of microservices architecture.

Duties and responsibilities:
- You will help build highly performant frontend applications, based on our existing backend systems and infrastructure.
- You will also work closely with our computer vision team in order to deliver complex computer vision logic to a web environment.
- Together with frontend colleagues, you will select the right tools and/or custom-tailored solutions in order to create and deliver high-quality and performant code.

Interview stages:
- 1-st stage - interview with our Recruiter;
- 2-d stage - client interview.

Benefits and social package: (change depends on vacancy)
- Business trip to Germany for 1 month and a couple of time;
- Grammar and vocabulary English courses, provided from the start of Your cooperation with inVertia;
- Leisure activities – at inVertia you will find different opportunities for socializing;
- Career and professional development opportunities: mentorship program; professional trainings; internal knowledge sharing;
- Partial compensation of professional literature from;
- Partial compensation of the gym membership;
- The compensation of regular massage therapy;
- Access to the internal library;
- Round-the-clock access to the office;
- The ability to choose a work schedule based on two-three options;
- Relocation Package: if you are moving from another city to work with inVerita, the company pays 2 weeks of staying at the hotel + 100$ to your needs (in case you left the company before 6 working months, you must refund the money for Relocation Package);
- Ability to resume services provision after the childbirth period.

About inVerita

We always try to establish deep-rooted cooperation, guarantee client success and continue delivering mind-blowing results for a new and ambitious digital world.
inVerita is a trusted, business-focused web and mobile software development vendor, located in Lviv, the main Eastern European center in software engineering. We always solve the most vigorous challenges by coming up with exclusive ideas in developing strategies, providing consultations, working with digital solutions, implementing high-end technology and operations.
We transform the way businesses deal with Fintech, Logistics, and Education by consulting and providing custom software development services. inVerita empowers market leaders to face their challenges and go up against today’s competitive business world armed with ground-breaking and high-end software solutions. We partner with brand leaders initiating transformation to enhance business strategies and processes.

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Job posted on 14 February 2020

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